Language-independent documents edit

  • Corporate template for presentations (LTR & RTL)
  • Community template for presentations (LTR & RTL)

Naming scheme edit

  • Wiki text pages: WMDOC / <document name> / <language> - example: WMDOC/Wikipedia leaflet/fr
  • PDF files: File:WMDOC <document name> <language>.pdf - example:

Add a language edit

To add a new language to this table, edit the two templates and add a line in each. The language codes are ordered alphabetically.

WMDOC matrix

| {{WMDOC matrix/document | document = {{{1}}} | langcode = add ISO language code here }}

WMDOC matrix/header

! add ISO language code here

Add a document edit

To add a new document to this table, edit this page and add the following lines:

| {{WMDOC matrix|Name of the document}}