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Wikipedia cheatsheet edit

Anyone can edit Wikipedia: just click on "edit" at the top of any page. Remember - you can't break Wikipedia, all edits can be reversed, fixed or improved later. This card will help you to remember some basic formatting and editorial code.

Wiki code Result
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold

== Section ==
=== Subsection ===
==== Subsubsection ====

structures the document and adds headings
[[Link to another page]] links to another page on Wikipedia
[[Link to page A|text B]] adds a text B linking to page A

* automatic
* bullet
* list

  • automatic
  • bullet
  • list

# automatic
# numbered
# list

  1. automatic
  2. numbered
  3. list
[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|Caption]] displays the Example.jpg file (image) in the page with a caption
{{Example}} includes the template "Example"
[[Category:Example]] adds the page to the category "example"
<ref>John Doe, title, date</ref> adds a note or a reference in the text
<references /> displays all added references at the end of the page
[http://www.example.org Description of the link] adds an external link to another website www.example.org
[[fr:Cuisine]] adds an interwiki link to the article Cuisine on fr.wikipedia.org (Wikipedia in French)
~~~~ adds your signature with a timestamp

== Discussion ==
Message. ~~~~
:First response to the message. ~~~~
::Response to the response ~~~~
:Second response to the message ~~~~

Indentation for discussions