This page is the master page for all exhibitions produced about the Wikimedia projects. If you need promotion material for Wikimedia presentations at Events, maybe you can find one in your language here. If not, you can translate one or write your own and contact one of the designers to do the layout.

Please note that these files are not under a free license, but copyrighted material (at least if they contain a copyrighted Wikimedia logo). They can however be printed and distributed freely for promoting Wikimedia. (Back to Marketing)

History of the exhibitions about the Wikimedia projects edit

Fünf Jahre Wikipedia – Eine freie Enzyklopädie erobert das Internet 2006 edit

Fünf Jahre Wikipedia

Fünf Jahre Wikipedia was held in Göttingen State and University Library in April 2006. It was created by the German chapter.

Computer History Museum 2014 edit

Wikipedia in the science exhibition MS Wissenschaft 2014 edit

Other exhibitions edit

Regular exhibitions edit

  • Exhibition of photos winning contests such as Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Women...

Exhibition design edit

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