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Macedonia-Poland photographic collaboration
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Macedonia-Poland photographic collaboration is a project of Shared Knowledge which is organized as an exhibition of the winning photographs of Wiki Loves Contests in Poland and Macedonia. An exhibition of images from Poland is held in Macedonia, while at the same period in Brazil is held an exhibition with pictures from Macedonia. All of the images have printed QR-codes with links to the articles in Wikipedia and the program of the exhibition includes events of our other projects such as edit-a-thons, lectures etc. The project emerged as a result of the contacts established by Toni Ristovski on the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in April 2017.



On 7th of December 2018, as a result of the cooperation between "Shared Knowledge" - Wikimedia Macedonia and "Wikimedia Poland" and after a months of preparations and establishing contacts with the embassy of Poland, was opened the exhibition of photographs titled "Poland through photographs - in front of the eyes of the Macedonian public ". The celebration of the 100 years anniversary of the re-establishment of Polish independent statehood was another reason for organizing this photographic exhibition in late autumn in 2018. Over 30 visitors who attended the opening ceremony were briefly introduced about the Wikipedia its significance and meaning, the photographic and the general project collaboration between Wikimedia Macedonia and Wikimedia Poland and there was an opening address given by Mrs. Weronika Staniec-Porczyk deputy chief of the diplomatic mission of Poland in Macedonia, after which the audience had the opportunity to see the 20 images of nature landscapes and buildings of the cultural and historical heritage in Poland, which have been chosen as the best qualified pictures on the contest "Wiki Loves Earth" and "Wiki Loves Monument" held in Poland. All of the images have been printed with QR-codes of links of the articles on Macedonian Wikipedia, which have previously created by the Shared Knowledge employees and members of the Macedonian Wikipedia community. The next day, on 8th of December, in the morning the exhibition was attended by 10 students of Polish language on the Faculty of philology in Skopje who have afterwards participated on the edit-a-thon which was organized on the topics related with Poland. Exhibition of the images lasted for a week in the center for culture "Kočo Racin" in Skopje.