Connected Open Heritage/Photo Exhibition

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Connected Open Heritage/Photo Exhibition
GenrePhoto Exhibition Material Selection
BeginsNovember 15, 2016 (2016-11-15)
EndsDecember 7, 2016 (2016-12-07)
CountryItaly, Sweden, your country?
Organized byWikimedia Italia, Wikimedia Sverige, UNESCO

Digital preservation – How Wikimedia can help to preserve cultural heritage in danger

In a nutshell: Suggest images and a text that tells a story about cultural heritage in danger. The best stories will be included in an international photo exhibition!



The aim of this exhibition is to show to people how Wikimedia projects can help to foster digital preservation for cultural heritage in danger. The objective is to arrange a selection of photos from Wikimedia Commons that highlight cultural heritage that is in danger, for example a series of images that shows the condition of a specific place or a monument throughout the years, a set of before and after photos, a photo of the destruction event unfolding, a series of images from different places highlighting the same issue/danger etc. Be creative!

As important as the image is the story connected to it. We want to highlight the importance of the digital preservation via Wikimedia. In a sense, the aim is to bring to light the “story” of that monument (or place) coupled with pedagogical examples of how archeologist and others make use of such information.

Share a great story that you know below (images and text) and it might be chosen for the exhibition!



The exhibition would consist of some photographs (hypothetically 30) taken from Wikimedia Commons. The community will be involved in the process of selection through the use of various channels. The physical exhibition will show some examples of digital preservation by the creation of different stories just as much the number of selected monuments.

Example: we create a story of the Aleppo mosque, showing 5 different pictures of 5 different conditions of the monument (i.e. a picture depicting the monument several years ago, a picture of some detail, a picture of its condition after the bombing of 2013, a picture of something that has been irremediably missed and so on). Every story will be supplied by a caption, that is the common thread that will explain more in depth something about the monument.

Virtual exhibition: Besides the photos in the digital format, the virtual exhibition will potentially expand the narrative of the physical one, by adding more pictures and links to Wikipedia, multimedia files, Wikidata resources and so on. This exhibition could also hold bigger stories and can continue to expand over time with your help.

Who should see the exhibition


People who are not familiar with Wikipedia projects (especially Wikimedia Commons) and don’t know what digital preservation is and what it could do for the cultural heritage in danger.

What do we hope visitors will do/feel after seeing the exhibition


The aim is to get common people aware of how much the digital preservation could be useful to save the memory of the cultural heritage in danger. Additionally, someone could be inspired by the exhibition and upload other pictures related to the purpose of the exhibition.

How you suggest your story


You can submit your ideas from November, 15th to December, 7th. We remind you that our intention is to tell a story through the pictures, so we suggest that you think early about the story that lies behind the pictures and that you would like to tell. You can of course upload new images as well! You can suggest a story by creating a gallery in a subpage with a simple procedure: add the name of the gallery in the box, at the end of the text already present in the box, for example, Connected Open Heritage/Galleries/My-story-name. Then click on the "Create new story" button.


Not sure about the aspect of the gallery? Please see an example here.