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Archaeology, open data

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SEADDA Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age is a group of archaeologists and digital specialists working together to secure the future of archaeological data. This page is meant to coordinate the contribution of the Wikimedia community to the project, making sure that needs/requests from our community are taken into consideration in particular for the use and re-use of data.

Archaeological Data


Essentially the group focuses on four areas, corresponding to four working groups.

  • Stewardship of Archaeological Data
  • Planning for Archiving
  • Preservation and Dissemination Best Practice
  • Use and Re-use of Archaeological Data

The working group 4 related to use and Re-use of Archaeological Data aims at understanding how to optimise Archaeological archives and interfaces to maximise the use and re-use of archaeological data, and explore how archaeological archives can better respond to user needs, and ways to document and understand both quantitative and qualitative re-use.

Collaboration with the online collaborative communities (such as the Wikimedia projects and OpenStreetMap)


I want to make sure that the use and re-use of archaeological data is also possible on the Wikimedia projects and OpenStreetMap and that the needs/requests of the community are heard.

Archaeological Data on the Wikimedia projects and on OpenStreetMap


Preserving cultural heritage at risk online

  • Connected Open Heritage. Preserving cultural heritage at risk online, and giving people easy access to it (2016-2017) is a major international project for preserving cultural heritage at risk online. It started a review of policies and institution in many countries. The research is not completed for each country but is an interesting starting point to understand the requests/needs of the online community, to support institutions working in the field of archaeology
  • New Palmyra A project created by Bassel Khartabil focusing on Palmyra and now working in recostructing 3D models of destroyed heritage.

The online communities working on collaborative projects such as Wikipedia, the Wikimedia projects and OpenStreetMap call the heritage and cultural organisation with the acronym GLAM (galleries, libraries and they call these collaboration WikiGLAM or Open GLAMs (according to who is promoting these partnerships).

  • Wiki Loves Monuments is a major yearly event focusing on cultural heritage and including archaeology.
  • Partnership with UNESCO.
  • Wikiexpeditions: events during which Wikipedia contributors visit a site, take photos of it, upload content on Wikimedia Commons and on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  • Editathon: events during which Wikipedia contributors edit Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
Country Period Institution Activity Link
Spain 2012 Archaeology Department of the City of Barcelona Wiki Workshop
Macedonia 2015, 2016 Archaeoexpeditions[1]
Spain 2017 National Archaeological Museum, Madrid Meeting, Wikipedian in residence Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/Three state museums open the doors to Wikimedia Spain/en
Spain 2017 Museo de Prehistoria de Valencia Editathon Women and Archaeology, in Valencia[2]
Spain 2017 blog colaborativo Arqueólogas e Historiadoras[3] Editathon Women and Archaeology, in Valencia[2]
Spain 2012 Archaeology Department of the City of Barcelona[4] Wiki Workshop
Spain 2012 Classical Archaeology Institute of Catalonia Meeting
Germany 2011 Wikipedia meets Antiquity / Wikipedia trifft Altertum[5] Wikipedia trifft Altertum


Italy 2013 Raccolte Extraeuropee del Castello Sforzesco di Milano

Fondazione Passaré

Museo civico archeologico di Varese

Civico Museo Goffredo Bellini di Asola

Museo Archeologico G. Rambotti di Desenzano

Civico Museo archeologico di Castelleone

Project Archeowiki

UK 2019 School of Archaeology - Univeristy of Oxford[6]
Jordan 2019 Open Jordanian Heritage. Edit-a-tho
International 2010- (every year in September) Wiki Loves Monuments am international photo contest about heritage  

WikiProjects are areas for focused collaboration among Wikipedians

WikiProjects on Wikipedia in different languages
Language Link Notes
German There is not wikiproject archaeology, but antiquities

Adding images of archaeology to Wikimedia Commons


The major project related to archaeology is Wiki Loves Monuments which is a huge international photographic contest focusing on material heritage.

In 2008 a photo challenge was on Wikimedia Commons was about archaeology.


Data can be related to monuments, sites, organisations, bibliography, documents, objects, images...



The group involves 100 members from 31 European countries and from Argentina, Canada, Japan and the Unites States. The network has been established as a COST Action[7], a European programme which supports international networks aiming at designing research projects.

Liaison for the Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap community: Iolanda Pensa