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Make volunteers provide activity report before reimbursing them
problemVolunteers are very enthusiastic to organize and host activities, but may not be very interested in providing an activity report and metrics after the event is done. Activity reports for each activity are necessary in order to produce reports required as part of the WMF's grant process.
solutionIf the volunteers organizing the activities are seeking reimbursements for expenses they incurred during an activity, we can ask them to provide an activity report before the chapter reimburse them. This way, they are more motivated in providing the report in a timely fashion.
created on14:23, 21 August 2018 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? Edit

Volunteers may not be very motivated in producing and submitting activity reports after the events they organize. If we ask them for activity reports at the end of the year, they may not remember everything. We need to receive the activity report as soon as possible after the event is done.

What is the solution? Edit


  • Include in a "reimbursement policy" of the chapter that activity reports are a requirement before a reimbursement can be made, so that the volunteers know in advance that they will first need to submit an activity report as part of the reimbursement process
  • Let the volunteers organize their activities as part of the programs of the chapter
  • The volunteers ask for reimbursements for their expenses
  • Inform them that they first need to submit an activity report
  • Receive the activity report
  • Thank the volunteers and reimburse them
  • Bonus point: Showcase the volunteers' work in blogs, newsletters and social media by using information from their activity reports!

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