Learning patterns/Set up a GitHub profile for your hack-a-thons

Set up a GitHub profile for your hack-a-thons
problemYou are organizing a hack-a-thon and you want participants to share their work
solutionCreate a GitHub profile for your group or organization and encourage your participants to share on GitHub
created on21:52, 7 November 2014 (UTC)
status:in progress

What problem does this solve?Edit

Say you are organizing a hack-a-thon and your participants are writing code. You want these participants to share their code so that you can point to the work done at your event, so that work can continue after the event, or so that others (Including remote participants) can get involved.

What is the solution?Edit

GitHub is an online service for managing source code, based on the Git version control system. It is especially useful for collaborative, open source projects. Creating a centralized repository will help keep the day's work organized, and it will allow others to pick up where the event left off.

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When to useEdit

Use this pattern if you are planning on organizing additional events, or if you would like to keep your community engaged after the event, or engage online volunteers.

As an example see Wikimedia DC on Github.


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