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Edithaton evaluation form
problemWhen organizing a series of editathons, especially with mostly new editors, it is crucial to have their feedback in order to improve the methodology or approach according to the needs and comments of participants.
solutionCreating a simple questionnaire with a few questions delivered to participants at the end of each event, so as to help get information needed for planning future events.
created on16:49, 7 September 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?


An editathon is a critical event for obtaining and retaining new users. Therefore it is very useful to gather information about the users' experience during this event, especially when organizing a series of consecutive editathons, as in the case of our project https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:PEG/Aliceba/Outreach_to_Afrodescendant_community_in_US#Goal.

For us as organizers it is important to understand whether events are fulfilling their purpose: conveying clear information on Wikipedia, providing necessary skills to edit content on Wikipedia, motivating people to continuously participate in editing and in general creating an atmosphere of sharing and acceptance.

Having that information helps in tailoring future events to the needs of participants.

What is the solution?


One of the simple tools to gather necessary information is to create a simple questionnaire with just a few questions. Questions should be multiple choice to make answering easy for participants. But participants should also be provided with a space to give their comments so the last question should be asking them for direct suggestions/recommendations that would help better organize future events.

The survey should take just a few minutes for participants to answer and it should be distributed at the end of the event. Participants should be offered the option to fill out the form either digitally or on paper.

The sample evaluation for AfroCROWD editathons can be found here https://docs.google.com/a/interglider.com/forms/d/1bjkuKF-nYGQ4velBKzU5Mngw-sa73--a80brx-gIhbA/viewform

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