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Editing contest worklists
problemI do not know if I should make a work list for an editing contest.
solutionDifferent kinds of contests need different kinds of worklists. Find out what will works best for your context.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
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What problem does this solve?


You may not be sure whether to create a list of articles or tasks for contest participants to work on during a contest. This learning pattern will help you decide whether you need to create a work list, and if so, what to include on it.

What is the solution?


1.Decide if you need a work list.

Think about how long your contest is, and how many people you expect will participate in your contest.

  • If it is a quick contest, with a few experienced Wikipedians, you probably do not need to make a worklist.
  • Long-term contests do not usually provide work lists. Instead participants spend a few weeks before the contest begins creating their own worklists on contest subpages. Judges and contest coordinators might review these lists and make suggestions to help participants be more competitive.

2. How to make a good worklist:

Think about who your participants are and what they want.

  • Experienced Wikipedians ♥ redlinks.[1] They also may have articles they have been wanting to write, and the contest has inspired them to finally do it.
  • Newer editors ♥ suggestions for articles or content to work on. This can help avoid deletions due to notability rules. It is also a good idea to provide links to sources.

Think about who might benefit from new content.

  • Ask contest sponsors or partners for suggested articles. Bibliographies are welcome, too. Give the list a quick review to make sure they meet standards for notability.
  • Post messages on related WikiProject pages asking if their are topics or articles that need attention. This is a good time to make sure that community is aware that there may be an influx of new content in their project.

Use tools and lists.

  • "Within the contest theme, choose Featured Articles for translation." – WikiWomen
  • Redlink search tool (GET IT)
  • Missing articles list

Add YOUR work list tips!

General considerations


When to use


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  • "It is better to give a broader topic and then offer suggestions within that. It is good to have lists of articles that need to be translated, developed, curated." - WikiWomen Prize



  1. "Including redlinks makes a difference. Because it is a Wikipedia gene, they see the red links and just want to blue them out." - Lars