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Books from wiki pages
problemHow to create a single document/book from multiple wiki pages
solutionUse Book extension
creatorHaithamS (WMF)
created on14 November, 2013

What problem does this solve? edit

Exporting wiki pages can be done in many ways such as saving the page, printing it, or converting it to a document (PDF, doc ... etc). However, sometimes there is a need to create a single document or a book that contains a few wiki pages that cover one subject.

What is the solution? edit

Confused by the book tool? See this video guide on how to create a book!

By using Book extension, it becomes possible to add multiple wiki pages and create, organize, and format a single file without the need to deal with individual wiki pages.

General considerations edit

  • The book extension should be already installed on the wiki
  • The book extension works only on pages of a single wiki project

Examples edit

a book on Academy Awards ceremonies on English Wikipedia.

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