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Working constructively with the Wikimedia community
problemCommunity members are reverting student edits or deleting user pages.
solutionPay close attention to best practices for working with the community whenever using Wikimedia projects in education.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
created on19 December, 2014

What problem does this solve? edit

Educators and students often edit or contribute content to Wikimedia projects as a way to achieve learning objectives and also to improve the access to and quality of free knowledge. They may not realize that there is a community of Wikimedians around the world who work as volunteers to write, organize, edit and monitor content in order to maintain and improve the quality Wikimedia projects.

While the community of Wikimedians welcome contributions from people learning to edit, it can be overwhelming to review and correct mistakes made by many new editors in a short period of time which can cause tension between the community and education program participants. One way to ease and prevent tension is to understand the reasons why community members may revert edits or delete articles and user pages. It is also helpful to learn how to work with the community to resolve disputes.

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Get the community involved early edit

Make student work easy to identify edit

Help students and educators understand rules and community norms edit

Pay close attention to local standards for notability edit

Manage disputes in a constructive way edit

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