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Improve photo quality with better cameras
problemYour community has good photographers, but they need better equipment.
solutionStart a program to lend high quality photography equipment to volunteers.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
created on12:09, 11 August 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

Giving your community access to good photography equipment may lead to improved the quality of images on Commons.

What is the solution? edit

Some chapters have started programs called 'technology pools' or 'equipment rental programs' that allow community members to borrow high quality photography equipment to take photographs for Commons. In some cases, Wikimedia organizations also help arrange for press credentials so that a community member is able to photograph important events.

Things to consider edit

  • The key is nimbleness: do not expect volunteers to do long-term planning (unless it is a very specific project): equipment has to be very close by when the decision to take photos has been made.
  • De-centralization is key. Equipment that takes time to transfer is equipment that will have a lot of downtime;
  • Sponsoring the purchase of better equipment is oftentimes more practical than pool lending it, unless it is shared by people who know each other, get along and live in the same city;
  • Trust is essential: it's a two-way deal where you should not foster a sense of entitlement (encouragement is not reward).

When to use edit

  • Volunteer already has a track record of high-quality pictures;
  • Volunteer has been coached and vetted/endorsed by another volunteer who benefited from this or other Chapter programs.

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