Learning patterns/Making translation classes more interactive via Wikipedia

Making translation classes more interactive via Wikipedia
problemWikipedia can be effective used as a rich resource for authentic texts for translation classes. Trainee translators can choose and translate their preferable texts from Wikipedia.
solutionDistribute students into teams. Each team choose their preferable article from Wikipedia to translate into the target language. All relevant discussions and feedback can by posted on the Discuss page.
created on16:05, 3 December 2014 (UTC)
status:in progress

What problem does this solve? edit

I always felt that my students feel bored and less motivated when given texts to translate for their assignments.

What is the solution? edit

I solved this issue by introducing the use of Wikipedia as a resource of texts to work on. I started a new page on Wikipedia for this project, where introduction to the project, names of students/teams, title of articles, links to the translations are all given. All discussions and feedback are posted on the "Discuss" sub-page of this main page of the project. Students' motivation has increased significantly, knowing that their translations are published to be read by real readers. They can also receive feedback from people other than their teachers. They work in a real and authentic atmosphere that any other professional translators work in in real life.

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