Learning patterns/Volunteer feedback and follow-up

A learning pattern forvolunteer management
Volunteer feedback and follow-up
problemVolunteers are the lifeblood of every project, hence the need to retain them for future projects.
solutionActively engage the volunteers with topics of their interest and frequently check-up on their well being.
created on14:17, 22 May 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?


Most after a while volunteers loose momentum or run out of energy to continue as volunteers on projects. This is sometimes due to lack of coaching or constant engagement on the topic of interest.

What is the solution?


Before and after every event collate feedback from volunteers, enquire if their expectations were met, survey their interests and gather every information you can about them (phone numbers, email, etc. if possible).

This information will allow you to constantly stay in touch with them (either by phone or text), it allows you to get a step closer, talk to them about topics of their interests, guide them with solutions to their problems and constantly remind them of their commitment or suggest ways they could keep their motivation towards their commitment.

Things to consider

  • Contacts made to volunteers should be general and not only related to Wiki projects (it should make them feel you have their interest at heart)
  • Contacting the volunteers is a long-term task. It is important that time and commitment is shown towards the subject.
  • Chat must always end with a call to action or a suggestion to a project, article, etc. they could contribute to
  • During this period try to locate their interests and build on that (this allows for easy flow of energy in what they already love or are conversant with).

When to use


Before and After workshops or outreaches



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