Learning patterns/Engaging volunteers with the grants process

A learning pattern forproject management
Engaging volunteers with the grants process
problemMaking the process of applying for grants more appealing and attractive.
solutionAllowing for a grants process to capture information about scalable projects without being overwhelming
created on15:52, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

We found that a lot of our community had some reservations about our grant application process. They found it was too complicated and specific and hard to engage with, especially for non-Wikipedians whose markup skills were not strong. Additionally, it seemed too complex for someone applying for a very simple book grant for example.

What is the solution? edit

We did two things. We changed the language of the page quite a bit, making sure to emphasise that we want applicants to contact us and that the process was a conversation as opposed to just an administrative task. This allows us to expand on ideas and allows applicants to ask questions. Additionally we specified a range of activities one could apply a grant to, making it clear that we were open to small and large ideas.

The other was that we made the application a two stage one, with the second stage optional. The first stage is very simple and collects very basic information, but captures enough to assess any potential for scaling up a simple grant to a more ambitious project. The second stage is more detailed, and we would go through this with an applicant to help develop an idea.

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