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Welcome to the Learning Pattern Project. Several Wikimedians have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving the Learning Pattern Library. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; we hope this project will focus the efforts of other Wikimedians interested in the topic. If you'd like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list below.


  • To maintain, expand, and improve the Learning Pattern Library
  • To encourage contributions to the LPL by a larger and more diverse set of Wikimedians
  • To encourage the use of the guidance captured in learning patterns by individuals and groups across the Wikimedia movement



Open tasksEdit

  • identify patterns that are complete enough to be translated
  • identify gaps: what types of guidance should have patterns, but don't yet?
  • identify subject matter experts: who do we want to start patterns on important subjects?
  • develop an outreach strategy: how do we make people aware of the LPL, so they can use and contribute to patterns?
  • scope and plan a redesign of the portal


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.


All patterns by creation dateEdit

Pattern titles (newest - oldest)

No pages meet these criteria.

Patterns that still use the old infoboxEdit

Proposed patternsEdit

  • Writing press releases
  • Writing English for google translation
  • Formulating measures of success for PEG projects
  • Photography tutorial

Patterns to expandEdit

Patterns that are only partially complete

Needed patternsEdit

Please feel free to list pattern ideas if you would like others to help out with them.

Patterns ready for translationEdit

Patterns that are stable and ready to be translated

Patterns requested for translationEdit

Patterns that should be translated, but may need improvement/expansion first. Please specify language you want the pattern translated into.

Review and assessmentEdit




The learning patterns library is intended to be publicly editable, including the category system. The WMF Grantmaking team encourages editors to create and apply new categories once a category may have ten or more members. If a category has fewer than ten members but you want to create a category anyway, you can create a hidden category. We also encourage editors to break categories that have twenty or more members into smaller subcategories. If you have questions about this, please contact eval(at)wikimedia(dot)org.

See also: Grants:Learning patterns/Categories

  • Category:Learning Pattern Library—the top-level category for pages related to learning patterns
  • Learning patterns—the top-level category for patterns
  • Gender learning patterns—patterns related to addressing the Wikipedia Gender Gap—including outreach campaigns, publicity and advocacy, and research studies.
  • Outreach patterns—encouraging contribution by under-represented demographics in Wikimedia projects. Examples include gender gap outreach, global south contribution drives, and education programs.
  • Wiki design patterns—designing wiki pages, portals, and sites—including visual design, page content, information architecture, bots, templates, gadgets and extensions.
  • Organizational design patterns—structuring formal organizations (such as Wikimedia chapters, user groups, and thematic organizations) effectively.
  • Reporting patterns—communicating the outcomes and impact of a project—what was done, how it was done, what happened as a result, and why it matter
  • Teamwork patterns—working collaboratively in teams.
  • Survey patterns –designing and conducting surveys, or analyzing survey data.
  • Online engagement patterns—organizing online initiatives or events (such as social media campaigns), organizing on-wiki collaborations (such as WikiProjects), and designing online tools that encourage participation (such as editing games).
  • Evaluation patterns—evaluating the impact of a project, program, initiative, or event using data (edit counts, interviews, surveys, etc.).
  • Event patterns—Wikimedia events, such as editathons, meetups, and conferences.
  • Global metrics patterns—eight patterns describing WMF grantmaking's global metrics.


Probox pattern infoboxEdit


September - November 2014 sprintEdit

In our first sprint to improve the Learning Pattern Library, we want to

  • make it easier for people to create new patterns and browse existing patterns
  • clean up the visual design of the portal, especially the main page, and simplify and clarify the text of the main page
  • identify a set of existing patterns that deserve to be improved or expanded


Category assessment
  • do we have enough categories? do we have the right categories? which ones are being used, which aren't?
  • overall, we want to avoid creating a whole bunch more categories. But we also want to have the right ones.
Pattern assessment
identify patterns that are incomplete, but important
  • Importance can be measured by # of endorsements, or personal judgement
  • Incomplete could me that they need more detail in the problem/solution sections, or need examples, sources, links to related patterns, etc
  • Identify patterns that should be considered high priority for translation
  • Begin working on improving these patterns, and track that work.

Information architecture & design updatesEdit

Page layout and navigation
  • renovate the main page, giving it a cleaner look (no more steampunk!).
  • Design should draw from the Evaluation portal and Idealab, but still be distinct. And it should not clash with the infobox.
  • We will need a prominent navigation, so that people can easily navigate to the category-specific subpages.
  • Most of all, we should keep it simple. We can be more adventurous later on, time permitting.
  • Make translatable. But avoid using translation methods that make it difficult to make changes to non-textual elements of the page after text been marked for translation. J-Mo knows how to do this.
  • Add a prominent link to this project page somewhere on Grants:Learning patterns, for folks who want to get more generally involved.
Words and pictures
  • simplify and shorten the information at the top of the main page. Use plain language to briefly describe what a learning pattern is, and why someone should write one.
  • the bulk of the existing text can be moved to a FAQ subpage, if desired.
  • the logo could probably use updating. Perhaps we could use some variation on duck-and-gears logo? J-Mo still has the Photoshop file.

Tool updatesEdit

update the bot to maintain category-specific pattern guide pages (need to be created)
finalize the pattern-creation workflow with FormWizard
  • users will still have the option of creating patterns using a editintro/preload workflow (which is what people do now)
  • the call to action will be similar to the one on the IEG and PEG portals
  • we will translate the FormWizard interface text into Spanish, to test how well this tool handles languages other than English. It was designed to be compatible with the translation extension, but that hasn't been tested.
Probox and AddMe
swap in new infobox templates, with endorse functionality
  • new patterns created with FormWizard will get these automatically, and we can revise the Preload/Editintro workflow to use the new infobox as well.
  • we will need to swap the old infobox for the new one in the 50 or so existing learning patterns. Unfortunately, this may need to be done manually. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long. We may be able to do some of it via a script.
  • we will translate the Probox and AddMe text into Spanish, as a test case of our capacity to offer Learning patterns in multiple languages

Future workEdit

Future sprints could focus on:

  • making it easier to translate patterns
  • surfacing patterns that need to be improved in particular ways (like translating, or expanding "stub" patterns)
  • creating a clear call to action for requesting or suggesting that certain patterns be created, or that patterns be translated/expanded/copy-edited


How to link learning patterns to grant requests and grant reportsEdit

See Grants:Learning patterns/Project/Grant templates.

Descriptions of current categoriesEdit

Grants:Learning patterns/Categories

Table of current and future categoriesEdit

Grants:Learning patterns/Project/Future categories

Diversity learning patterns campaignEdit

Grants:Learning patterns/Project/Diversity learning patterns campaign

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