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Create an event pageEdit

Six-account limitEdit

Make it easy to identify student editorsEdit


Suggestions on how to complete a scholarship form for WikimaniaEdit

A concise compendium to catastrophic conference callsEdit

Preparation for WikimaniaEdit

A playful logo builds identity and invites interactionEdit

How to make editathons for new users more successfulEdit

Setting-up a conference registration formEdit

How to manage a Wikipedia awareness VideoEdit

{{Evaluation/Resource/Summary | time= 30 January 2019 | title = How to manage a Wikipedia awareness Video | title link= Learning patterns/How to manage a Wikipedia awareness Video | summary= This learning pattern gives pointers for do's and don'ts for Animation or 3D Motion graphics video ad or promotional movie. | creator= User:Wikilover90 | image = [[File:Punjabi Wikipedia Tales - A Trip To Lahore!.webm }}

When things go wrong, just tell peopleEdit

A fine selection of mistakes for organizing an international conference (and how to make sure you commit them)Edit

A short guide to bad projectsEdit

Make volunteers provide activity report before reimbursing themEdit


Writing a production schedule of eventEdit

Number of images or media used in Wikimedia projectsEdit

Calculating global metricsEdit

Tracking an online campaignEdit

Tracking user contributions by chapterEdit

Framing survey questionsEdit

Cookies by the exitEdit

Feedback cycleEdit

How to avoid abandoning the course when your students have intellectual or mental disabilitiesEdit

Creation of an editing workshop or course with patients in an institution.Edit

Wikimedia young projects in therapy settings with psychiatric patients.Edit

How to choose patients for an editing teaching courseEdit

Supporting volunteers in administrationEdit

Clarity of expectations when setting up a partnershipEdit

How to survive to an international edit-a-thon when you're the only coordinatorEdit

Developing a fully internationalized and centralized gadgetEdit

Wikidata mass importsEdit

Storytelling for grant reports and proposals: tricks of the tradeEdit

Volunteers versus journalists: the evergreen questionsEdit

Book swapping table at your eventEdit

Firm foundation for projectsEdit

Wikimedian in Residence Support GroupEdit

Teaching new editors about copyrightEdit

Expert involvementEdit

Finding programmers for a WMF grantEdit

Reducing the north–south divideEdit

Turning geeks to WikipediansEdit

Public policy work: How to have an effective meetingEdit

©©-Change your mind - a fun workshop for open licensesEdit

Keeping communities engagedEdit

Communities of Interest to Recruit VolunteersEdit

Effectively using the pre-event periodEdit

Advanced workshop with focused and dedicated participantsEdit

Understanding the shared goals of an external organisation and WikimediaEdit

Making the Digital Library of India really usefulEdit

How to write a thousand articles about your country without getting tired (workshops)Edit

Mass messagingEdit

Spread cutenessEdit

How to involve cultural partner as active GLAM participantsEdit

Division of tasks and responsibilities between board, staff and volunteersEdit

Wikidata verification-pages toolEdit

Git repository for softwareEdit

Harvesting new Wikimedians from social mediaEdit

Ensuring your wiki project is inclusiveEdit

Disengaging from Wikipedia warfareEdit

Make use of mistakes on WikipediaEdit

Use tags to count and track editsEdit

A Short Guide to Using Twitter for In-event EngagementEdit

New users are afraid of doing something wrongEdit

Training senior citizensEdit

Creating new articlesEdit

Capturing User names at workshopsEdit

Photographic evidenceEdit

Posters that workEdit

How to prepare an infographicsEdit

Writing a new MediaWiki extension for deployment on a Wikimedia projectEdit

Working with developers who are not WikimediansEdit

Wikiblabla (confusing Wikimedia lexicon)Edit

Child roomEdit

Lightning talksEdit

Volunteers versus journalists: top-of-mind considerationsEdit

Vote Matching Tool (Digital-o-Mat)Edit

Using expense-tracking softwareEdit

Digitizing archival recordsEdit

Workshop sizeEdit

Repeat eventsEdit

Number of active editors involvedEdit

International events? Allow three months for visa formalitiesEdit

Arranging travelEdit

Centering Marginalised KnowledgeEdit

Organizing "Wiki Loves" campaignsEdit

Achievable goalsEdit

How to measure from a gender perspectiveEdit

How to create or edit an article in terms of gender approachEdit

Wikipedia faces the challenge of approaching properly the gender gap issue in terms of its content.

Last updated: 19 October 2018

Wikimedia events and Instructional designEdit

How might folks stay engaged?Edit

Find free license videos on YouTube for WikipediaEdit

IRL video broadcast is a winning horse. Can Wikimedia projects bet on it?Edit

Uploading video materials to Wikimedia Commons for use on WikipediaEdit

Uploading videos to Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Quiet roomEdit

How to write communications materials with a balanced portrayal of women and menEdit

Como ofrecer una representación equilibrada de hombres y mujeres en nuestras comunicaciones.Edit

Do not overloadEdit

Grant reporting for volunteers. Part 2: Financial reportEdit

Grant reporting for volunteers. Part 1: Report of project activitiesEdit

Promoting the work of students as part of Wikiedu programs on social media platformsEdit

Plan an education program pilotEdit

MediaWiki Education ProgramEdit

Wikipedian KulTour – the little sister of GLAM on TourEdit

Documenting your event experienceEdit

Checking bias and prejudice in grants advisory processesEdit

Lessons from creating a diversity toolkitEdit

Let the community knowEdit

5 articles gameEdit

Using the Programs & Events Dashboard for ReportingEdit

Be flexible and work with the audience you haveEdit

Using 'Share a fact' to engage social media followers of small WikipediasEdit

Matching newcomers to Wikimedia projects and activities: nurturing happy, passionate editors:)Edit

Wall of complimentsEdit

Conference workshop to help kickstart a project on a smaller language WikipediaEdit

Collaborated with Government organisations, What's next?Edit

Colored lanyardsEdit

First editEdit

Go the extra mile, and then search for treasureEdit

Let the media knowEdit

Filling content gapsEdit

How to make a multi-day editathon?Edit

Use Wikimedia content to assist teaching WikipediaEdit

Engage with public broadcastersEdit

Mode of trainingEdit

What to do when airplane lets you downEdit

Watchlist invitesEdit

The Buddy Project: Let’s make your conference more newbie friendlyEdit

Conference venuesEdit

Safe space policyEdit

Planning effective conference sessionsEdit

Wikipedia as a tool for astronomy education and outreachEdit

Uploading files using PattypanEdit

How not to organize a conferenceEdit

Data transfers to Wikimedia Commons: Sharing institutional archivesEdit

"WikTungi"-city based community groupEdit

GLAM on Tour - connecting Wikipedians and cultural institutions on the local levelEdit

How to get diverse presenters at your conference (from a gender, Global South... perspective)Edit

Hiring an ED in your organisationEdit

Creating Guided Tours together with the CommunityEdit

You are teaching, but are they learning?Edit


Social mediaEdit

Project rolesEdit

Build trust to know what sort of challenges are coming up for the partner organisationEdit

Securing project visibility and success by having a showcase early onEdit

Need to establish the digital skills level of the partner organisationEdit

Board handbook − a shared vision of the board role in an evolving organisationEdit

Board rolesEdit

Every new page starts off unwatchedEdit

Promote photo contestsEdit

Digitising books with minimal apparatusEdit

Digital information literacy with Wikipedia for public library staffEdit

Meeting the learning needs of US public library staff new to Wikipedia with online trainingEdit

Reach and engage your communityEdit

Bytes added to or removed from Wikimedia projectsEdit

Cooperative note-taking at meetings and workshopsEdit

Five tips for preparing a great conferenceEdit

Learning questionEdit

Creating portalsEdit

Mix newcomers and veteransEdit

Reporting CriteriaEdit

A short guide to in-kind donationsEdit

Collecting usernames for in-person eventsEdit


Best practices in training adultsEdit

Article assessment for student assignmentsEdit

For teachers, a Wikipedia writing assignment is much more work than other writing assignments. They have to double check the content of the article, grammar, spelling and the validity of the sources.

Last updated: 02 December 2017

Tips for reading project codes from pageviews data filesEdit

Audience response systemEdit

Using open licensesEdit

Country editor base survey of South Africa 2015Edit

Timing and tenaciousness - How to ensure high participation rates at post-conference surveysEdit

Last updated: 13 November 2017

Track Wikipedia "Knowledge Leafage" of each traineeEdit

Imagery for event promotionEdit

Using social media to promote endangered, indigenous and other marginalized languagesEdit

Using Wikidata on Wikipedia infoboxesEdit

Number of women participatingEdit

Collecting data with personal informationEdit

Business cards and email adresses for volunteersEdit

Working with cultural institutions to upload archival photographsEdit

Partnering with a government agencyEdit

Frugal video production for Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Charts on wiki pagesEdit

Cross chapter collaboration on wiki writing contestEdit

Conducting expeditionsEdit

Find volunteers to support a programEdit


Community impactEdit

Qualtrics survey toolEdit

How to prepare and plan for Online Edit-a-thonsEdit

Designing portals on wikisEdit

How to avoid duplicated items during a museum based photography eventEdit

Using Aggregate Groups to group pages for translationEdit

Bringing women together to work towards gender and linguistic inclusivenessEdit

Learning from patternsEdit

Searching the Learning Patterns LibraryEdit

Writing durable documentationEdit

How to run software on a dedicated Wikimedia Cloud VPS serverEdit

Strategic planning retreatEdit

How to do photowalks more effectivelyEdit


Towards a Successful GLAM PartnershipEdit

Coding da Vinci - the culture hackathonEdit

Wikiverse World Café - getting to know Wikimedia projects and volunteersEdit

Paying for an open license for academic research related to wikiEdit

¿Cómo hacer que los docentes se apropien de los proyectos de Wikimedia y los apliquen en el aula?Edit

Contest prizes that motivateEdit

Organize childcare during a Wikimedia eventEdit

Qué canales podemos usar para hacer comunicación externaEdit

La importancia de los talleres previos a las editatonesEdit

Timing, Communication, Preparation: How to support your event participants in the best way to get a Schengen VisaEdit

Documentation FridayEdit

Learn in detail about existing tools before building new onesEdit

Briefing calls with speakers: A simple way to improve conference sessionsEdit

International travelEdit

How to design and develop an education hackathon within the Wikipedia Education ProgramEdit

How to generate a stronger and more relevant relationship with the schoolsEdit

How to transfer the knowledge and the experience of an Education ProgramEdit

Presenting wiki at an academic conferenceEdit

Producing video oral histories about Wikimedia participantsEdit

Recruiting high school participantsEdit

Request brochures or other materials from WMFEdit

Setting goals for an education programEdit

Short reports go a long wayEdit

Step by step guide for finding the right venue for a conferenceEdit

Strategies to achieve editing contest goalsEdit

Survey legal practices around the worldEdit

The pre-jury as a tool for community engagementEdit

Training educators how to use Wikimedia in the classroomEdit

Treasures or landmines: detecting uncategorized, language-specific uploads in CommonsEdit

Understand local volunteers' characteristics and behavior to develop an effective programEdit

Use advanced site notice to promote eventsEdit

Using CentralNotice banners for surveysEdit

Using Wikipedia's gaps as feminist teaching toolsEdit

Using the education extensionEdit

WLX jury benefitting from the wisdom of the Commons crowdEdit

When staff work with volunteersEdit

Wiki MOOCEdit

Focus on contentEdit

Gender identityEdit

Get the community involved earlyEdit

Help new editors learn WikimarkupEdit

Help students and educators understand community rules and normsEdit

Hiring a metrics processor for a Wikimedia outreach projectEdit

How to access to lists of cultural heritage sites or monuments.Edit

How to use the global metrics magic buttonEdit

Identifying content gapsEdit

Illustrating Wikimedia related publications and blog postsEdit

Improve photo quality with better camerasEdit

Increase number of photos in useEdit

Keeping nonprofit organization insuranceEdit

Making a centralized resource space specific to your GLAMEdit

Monitor student contributionsEdit

Motivating students to contribute to Wikimedia projectsEdit

Number of articles created or improved in Wikimedia projectsEdit

Number of individuals involvedEdit

Number of newly registered usersEdit

Organising a Wiki Takes...Edit

Partnerships with ministries of educationEdit

Photographing your local buildingsEdit

Plan a Wiki expeditionEdit

Plan aerial photography projectsEdit

Annual Wikimedia CEE meeting: drafting the programmeEdit

Automobile travelEdit

Choosing an education program modelEdit

Community check-up: when online and offline communication becomes effectiveEdit

{{Evaluation/Resource/Summary | time= 21 June 2017 | title = Community check-up: when online and offline communication becomes effective | title link= Learning patterns/Community check-up: when online and offline communication becomes effective | summary= For a project as diffused as the [[:wmph:Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping | creator= User:Sky Harbor | image = File:WMPH Cultural heritage mapping project logo 1.png }}

Conducting a semi-structured interviewEdit

Contests, giveaways and sweepstakesEdit

Counting featured, quality and valued content in CommonsEdit

Create a community policy for education programsEdit

Don't fiddle with the AVEdit

Edit-a-thon worklistsEdit

Edit 1 and Challenge 1Edit

Facilitating social interaction at conferencesEdit

Failing at a crowdfunding campaign and what we can learn from itEdit

Evaluate student workEdit

Adapt Wiki Loves contests to prevent burnoutEdit

Project management for edit-a-thonsEdit

Writing legal disclaimersEdit

Writing contest worklistsEdit

Writing Contest Topic SelectionEdit

Working with an existing movement....Edit

Working constructively with the Wikimedia communityEdit

Wikipedia & Medicine: Practical Details for EducatorsEdit

Wiki Takes ... and those getting takenEdit

Wikimedia organizations can use the Reports page on Meta!Edit

Wikipedia visual museumEdit

Why we achieved good results in the MOOC Edition 2016Edit

Why we achieved good results in the MOOC Edition 2016?Edit

Where to find survey dataEdit


Who should we survey?Edit

What to consider when we generated audiovisual materials?Edit

WMF Open Access PolicyEdit

What to expect when doing a surveyEdit

Using structured assessment tools for development planningEdit

Volunteer feedback and follow-upEdit

Using the general ledger and project codes to evaluate outcomesEdit

Using social media channels for editors retentionEdit

Using ordered response scalesEdit

Using drones for aerial photography for Commons and WikipediaEdit

Using mass message for surveysEdit

Using Wikidata to make Machine Translation dictionary entriesEdit

Using QuickSurveysEdit

Userpage organizerEdit

Use work sheets for school studentsEdit

Use of a single diagram to imprint Wikipedia basics onto newcomersEdit

Use telephone calls or Skype to clarify questions earlyEdit

Use social media for promotionEdit

Use an article nursery garden for each new editorEdit

New editors are discouraged by old users' interventions and (secondary) cannot organize their work with ease. Less computer-literated people have a hard time trying to contribute.

Last updated: 20 June 2017

Use cheatsheeting in the form of a collapsible toolboxEdit

Use course pages to organize student assignmentsEdit

Use hidden categories to track projectsEdit

Travelling Wikimedians report to the stay-at-homesEdit

Travel policy − defining travel support conditions to further volunteer involvementEdit


Tools for managing a survey projectEdit

Track project hours in Google CalendarEdit

Tracking contest submissionsEdit

Tips for surveys in google formsEdit

Tools for communicating what Wikipedia is aboutEdit

Tools are short-lived, so archive your pagesEdit

Thanking usersEdit

Testing survey questionsEdit

Third place for local groupsEdit

The teacher as producer of educational proposals with Wikimedia projectsEdit

Survey legal practices in the E.U.Edit

Survey qualitative analysisEdit

Sustaining dialogue with your communityEdit

Surfacing activityEdit

Surveys at different pointsEdit

Support a community of photographersEdit

Strategies to generate interest, motivation and continuity in the digital education communityEdit

Storytelling over demonstration in a Wikipedia outreachEdit

Staying connected to volunteer editors and potential editors through email blastsEdit

Social processes within communitiesEdit


Sharing relevant information with the Wikimedia movementEdit

Short-distance travelEdit

Show statistics to GLAM partnersEdit

Service Credit for University StudentsEdit

Selecting winners of a large photo contestEdit

Set up a GitHub profile for your hack-a-thonsEdit

Set test tasks for recruiting programmersEdit

Rejuvenating a dormant Wikipedia in incubator into an active live WikipediaEdit

Relicensing encyclopedic work under CC license to grow Wikisource and WikipediaEdit

Reimagining traditional classroom assignmentsEdit

Saving Wikipedia from PR, and saving PR from WikipediaEdit

Recipe for a strategic planEdit

Regional action planEdit

Recombine tiled imagesEdit

Recruiting contest judgesEdit

Public contributionEdit

Quality content generationEdit

Qualtrics resources for surveysEdit

Publication policyEdit

Rail travelEdit

Quick start to batch uploading in institutional partnershipsEdit