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ניייער בבל
the Wikimedia translators' portal/noticeboard
Babylon is the Meta translations portal and noticeboard. For general discussions about translations see the talk page.


  • Babylon talk page
    If you have questions, doubts, proposals and anything else about translations you want to ask, write at this page.
  • Translators mailing list
    The official Wikimedia translators' mailing list. Sign up!
  • #wikimedia-translationconnect
    The official translator's IRC channel. Visit us when you need help, just want to chat, or for updates on new requests!
  • Translators newsletter
    Alternative to the mailing list, with on-wiki newsletter that will send you a notification.

Automagical page listing all translation requests on Meta-Wiki with the new system (see Translate extension help).

Direct links:

שרײַב זיך איין צו ווערן אן איבערזעצער

איבערזעצונגען ביי וויקימעדיע פראיעקטן

Translation of the week

איבערזעצונג פון דער וואך, דא ביי מעטא־וויקי, איז א פראיעקט צוצולייגן ארטיקלען צו וויקיפעדיעס וואו זיי זענען נאך נישט פאראן, דורך איבערזעצן זיי.

וויקיפראיעקט איבערזעצונג אויף דער ענגלישן וויקיטעקסט

An initiative to coordinate between various Wikisource language wikis in the gathering of old translations and the creation of new ones for source texts that have never been translated or have only copyrighted translations et cetera. Hosted on English Wikisource.

וועגן לאקאליזירונג

Information about localisation for both translators and developers can be found on the localisation page on

You can read some useful tips on Amir’s blog.

Long-term translation strategy

You can read and discuss ideas about how to work with translations on the Translation strategy page.