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Babylon is the Meta translations portal and noticeboard. For general discussions about translations see the talk page.


Pinunasan pangalihan basa

Kaca otomatis minyusunin samian pinunasan pangalihan basa ring Méta-Wiki sareng sistem anyar (cingak Pajimbaran wantuan ngalih basa).

Pranala langsung:

Daftar antuk dados satunggil pangalih basa

Isu-isu pangalihan basa ring proyék-proyék Wikimédia

Translation of the week

Pangalihan wuku mangkin ring Méta-Wiki punika proyék antuk ngawewehin suratan nuju Wikipédia ring dija ipun nénten wénten antuk ngalih basa.


Contrarily to what we translators may think ;-), things should not always be translated. That is why Wikispelling was created, in order to avoid misspelling of proper nouns and local names. Wikispelling is a trans-wiki and multilingual project. Please help by checking the translation in your own language of commit messages at Wikispelling. And feel free to participate!

Kapitalisasi ring kaca Wikikruna

Languages have different rules regarding capitalization. For example, in English, the month names and most words of work titles are always capitalized, but in French they are not. Most Wiktionary projects differentiate nowadays between capitalized letters and small letters. Wiktionary needs to know what rules each language has regarding capitalization. Please help to complete the table of capitalization!

WikiProyék Pangalihan Basa ring Wikipustaka

An initiative to coordinate between various Wikisource language wikis in the gathering of old translations and the creation of new ones for source texts that have never been translated or have only copyrighted translations et cetera. Hosted on English Wikisource.

Indik lokalisasi

Pidarta indik lokalisasi antuk para pangalih basa miwah pangembang prasida kacunduk ring kaca lokalisasi ring MediaWiki.org.

Ragané prasida ngawacén makudang kiat mawiguna ring blog Amir.

Strategi pangalihan basa jangka lantang

Ragané prasida ngawacén miwah mapabligbagan manah indik cara makarya antuk pangalihan basa ring kaca Strategi pangalihan basa.