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the Wikimedia translators' portal/noticeboard
Babylon is the Meta translations portal and noticeboard. For general discussions about translations see the talk page.


  • Babylon tauk page
    Gif ye hae onie spierins, doobts, proposals or oniethin else aneat owersetins that ye want tae spier, scribe at this page.
  • owerseters mailin leet
    The offeecial Wikimedia owerseters' mailin leet. Sign up!
  • #wikimedia-owersetinconnect
    The offeecial owerseter's IRC channel. Veesit us whan ye need halp, juist want tae tauk, or fer updates oan new requests!
  • Owerseters newsletter
    Alternateeve tae the mailin-leet, wi an-wiki newsletter that will send ye ae notifeecation

Autæmageecal page leetin aw owerset requests oan Meta-Wiki wi the new system (see Owerset extension halp).

Direct airtins:

Sign up tae be aen owerseter

Owersetins issues oan Wikimedia waurks

Owersetn o the week here oan Meta-Wiki is ae waurk tae eik airticles tae Wikipedias whaur they dinnae exeest yet bi owersetin thaim.

WikiWaurk Owersetin oan Ingils Wikisoorce

Aen ineetiateeve fer tae coordinate atween syndrie Wikisoorce leid wikis in the gatherin o auld owersets n the cræftin o new owersets fer soorce texs that hae niver been owerset, or hae yinlie copierichted owersets et cetera.

Aneat localisation

Information aneat localisation fer baith owerseters n deveelopers can be foond oan the localisation page oan The information mibbie oot o date.

You can read some useful tips on Amir’s blog.

Lang-term owersetin strategie

Ye can read n tauk oan ideas aeatt hou tar wark wi owersetins oan the Owersetin strategie page.