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the Wikimedia translators' portal/noticeboard
Babylon is the Meta translations portal and noticeboard. For general discussions about translations see the talk page.


  • Babylon tauk page
    Gif ye hae onie spierins, doobts, proposals or oniethin else aneat owersetins that ye want tae spier, scribe at this page.
  • owerseters mailin leet
    The offeecial Wikimedia owerseters' mailin leet. Sign up!
  • #wikimedia-owersetinconnect
    The offeecial owerseter's IRC channel. Veesit us whan ye need halp, juist want tae tauk, or fer updates oan new requests!
  • Owerseters newsletter
    Alternateeve tae the mailin-leet, wi an-wiki newsletter that will send ye ae notifeecation

Owersetin requests

Autæmageecal page leetin aw owerset requests oan Meta-Wiki wi the new system (see Owerset extension halp).

Direct airtins:

Sign up tae be aen owerseter

Owersetins issues oan Wikimedia waurks

Translation of the week

Owersetn o the week here oan Meta-Wiki is ae waurk tae eik airticles tae Wikipedias whaur they dinnae exeest yet bi owersetin thaim.


Contrarie til whit we owerseters micht think ;-) things shid na aye be owerset. That's why Wikispeelin wis cræftit, fer tae avoid misspeelin o proper noons n local names. Wikispeelin is ae trans-wiki n monieleidic waurk. Please halp bi checkin the owerset in yer ain leid o commit messages at Wikispeelin. n feel;-) free tae parteecipate !

Capitalisation o Wiktionair pages

Leids hae differant rules aneat capitalisation. Fer example, in Ingils, the month names n maist wairds o wairk titles ar aye capitalised, bit in French thay'r no. Maist Wiktionair waurks differantiate nouadays atween capitalised letters n smaa letters. Wiktionair needs tae ken whit rules ilka leid haes aneat capitalisation. Please halp tae compleate the buird o Capitalisation!

WikiWaurk Owersetin oan Ingils Wikisoorce

Aen ineetiateeve fer tae coordinate atween syndrie Wikisoorce leid wikis in the gatherin o auld owersets n the cræftin o new owersets fer soorce texs that hae niver been owerset, or hae yinlie copierichted owersets et cetera.

Aneat localisation

Information aneat localisation fer baith owerseters n deveelopers can be foond oan the localisation page oan The information mibbie oot o date.

You can read some useful tips on Amir’s blog.

Lang-term owersetin strategie

Ye can read n tauk oan ideas aeatt hou tar wark wi owersetins oan the Owersetin strategie page.