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This page contains a list of reports for grants funded through the Project and Event Grants Program (PEG) organized by the status of the grant report and the fiscal year in which the grant was awarded. Within each list, grant reports are displayed alphabetically by grantee.

Grant reports under reviewEdit

These reports have been submitted and are currently under review by WMF staff, the GAC, and the broader community. Please submit comments and questions on the discussion pages of these reports.

No pages meet these criteria.

Incomplete reportsEdit

These reports are listed as incomplete because a complete report was never submitted, or because the grantee has been unresponsive to requests for information for 21 calendar days or longer. An explanation may be found on the discussion page for each request.

Grants with past due reportsEdit

These approved grants do not yet have a report, despite the due date for the report having passed.

Draft grant reportsEdit

These reports have not yet been completed and submitted for review. They may not yet be due. Please refrain from comment until these reports are ready for review.

Reports for grants funded or cancelledEdit

These are reports for grants approved in any fiscal year. Reports in this category have been reviewed and accepted by WMF. For a list of grants classified by fiscal year funded, see Grants:Index/Requests.