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Activities and lessons learned






This is the Joburgpedia 2015 first phase report which give details on the activities of the Joburgpedia writing competition that took place between the months of May and August 2015. It also looks at the role played by partnering with mission aligned institutions (Constitution Hill Education Project) as well as where we are coming from with the project and the lessons we've learned going forward.

The Constitution Hill Education project welcomes learners every Saturday of the school year from schools around Joburg for a tour of Constitution Hill and a workshop introducing the learners to the Constitution, with a particular focus on the Bill of Rights, and the work of the Constitutional Court. Lawyers from around Johannesburg, Constitutional Court clerks and students from Wits and the University of Johannesburg facilitate these workshops. The project was started in 2011 with only 4 schools but now has over 50 schools with 1500 learners. So it made sense for us to partner with them for the Joburgpedia writing competition.

Every participating school in the competition was asked to have not more than 5 learners. We thought it would be best to have volunteers (which were composed of Lawyers, ConHill clerks and University students) trained to help with editing during editathons, support and monitoring the high school learners progress.

First Edit-a-thon


02 May 2015

The first editathon was to train volunteers, and some of the topic covered were:

  • Reason behind Joburgpedia & Conhill Edu collaboration, where we introduced the rationale behind the entire idea.
  • What is Wikipedia, who can edit and the 5 Pillars of Wikipedia?
  • What is Joburgpedia writing competition?

We then proceeded to show them how to create usernames and how to edit. Each volunteer was allocated a school as a mentor.

Second edit-a-thon


30 May 2015

The second editathon was when we welcomed the high schools and we created a draft template of the articles to trace their progress and to also make it easy for them to trace their articles as they were working in teams.

Third edit-a-thon


24 July 2015.

The initial plan was to have only 2 editathons and our budget did not really allow us to host more but due to a rising need we were forced to host 2 more editathons to accommodate students who were part of teams who couldn't make it on the first editathon. So we ended up having 4 events (This includes the closing event).

Closing event and Award session


01 August 2015

Once again we gave a wrap of what the aim of the Joburgpedia writing competition was about, and students were then awarded their prizes and certificates. Articles were judged according to Edit Count, Data Count, Image Count, Article Citations, Article Links, Article Sections, Used images/Media. Other things that were also looked at were Number of Articles submitted plus Edits on Non-Workshop days.

Lessons learned

What worked well?
Working with ConhillEdu gave us the access to the database of school many high schools around Johannesburg without actually sending emails to the schools themselves or physically going there or spending any money and effort advertising the writing competition. In turn all of these student and teachers signed up on our facebook page and helped increase our presence and reach.
What didn't work?
Most of our volunteers were inexperienced and when the high school students asked for help, they ( the volunteers) themselves didn't know how to help and most of the time had to wait for us ( Myself and Dumi) to provide help.
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
Now that we have done this project at this scale, we have a model. Organizing everything in time, especially because we know who we are dealing with, it will work better to get the schools that will be participating in time and create the draft template before hand.

Learning patterns


Outcomes and impact



Provide the original project goal here.
Our goal is to activate and increase an on-line community while fostering the importance of preserving our history, heritage and language. We are looking at doing this by way of increasing the participation and retention of especially female editors, bringing on board more mission aligned GLAM institutions, and ensuring that the project feeds to other small Wikipedia language projects through a number of strategic activities outlined below.
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 short paragraphs.
We did achieve our project goal because:
  • There was an increase in our online community, we had 31 new users
  • There was 58% of female participation
  • ConhillEdu focuses on introducing learners to the Bill of Rights, and the work of the Constitutional Court but in this case we had learners cover topics such as Johannesburg's historic and heritage monuments.
  • We had four learners who contributed to Xitsonga Wikipedia

Progress towards targets and goals


Project metrics

Project metrics Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
We wanted to improve editor diversity by recruiting new users especially women editors. There were more participants on this year's writing contest than we've anticipated. We were able to achieve this outcome by having access to the number of schools from the database of our GLAM institution Constitution Hill Education Project
To increase Wikipedia coverage of iconic buildings around Johannesburg with historic and heritage importance. As it can be seen with most of the topics here, this goal was achieved as well. History and heritage is something that comes natural to people. We only explained what the project aims to achieve and it was quiet easy for them to choose which topics they will be editing on.

Global Metrics

JoburgpediA 2015 (Schools Writing Competition) Metrics Reporting table (Global metrics 2014–15)
Metric description Goal Achieved Notes Metric description Goal Achieved Notes
1. Number of active editors involved 5 2 [1] 4. Number of new images/media 10 41 [2]
2. Number of newly registered users 24 31 [3] 5. Number of articles added 10 6 [4]
3. Number of individuals involved 30 43 [5] 6. Number of bytes added ?? ?? [6]
  1. Note 1: The other three active editors from previous Joburgpedia events did not qualify to be active editors even though they participated
  2. Note 4: We surpassed our target with each school submitting more than one image into commons. Of the 41 images submitted, 36 was used on en-Wikipedia to illustrate articles.
  3. Note 2: We had planned for each school to register 3 students per team. However schools requested number to be increased to a maximum of 5. Some schools stuck to the minimum of 3.
  4. Note 5: Of the 8 schools who had enrolled, only 6 continued with the project and successfully submitted an article.
  5. Note 3: We had more people involved than we had anticipated as the ConhillEdu encouraged their University Volunteer students to get involved, and we then trained these and paired them to individual schools as mentors.
  6. Note 6: We have not be able to use Wikimetrics tool to check this, however we have a total of 640 edits by the 31 students done during the competition. Perhaps this is a better metric than bytes added??
Learning question
Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?
Some were motivated some were not. In the 6 schools that participated 2 dropped out of the competition. I guess this is a sign that they were not motivated. We've sent communication to ascertain why they dropped out. We want to learn from this what can we improve next time to make the competition better. While there were others that dropped out but some asked to add alteast one or 2 students in their groups since one of the rules (which was relaxed) was that only 3 participants per group for each school.



What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic priorities?

Option A: How did you increase participation in one or more Wikimedia projects?

  • There was both high and low impact potential on the work we've done. High because we were able to get involved new user who are women from global South, we also had volunteers with follow up edit-a-thon sessions. Low would be because although we were able to recruit new contributors but some do not have laptops and gadgets to continue editing, let alone access to Internet. So for these reasons I would say for some participants their contribution was limited to the contest.

Option B: How did you improve quality on one or more Wikimedia projects?

  • Although we didn't collaborate with interest-groups in identifying articles for improvements but most of the articles created had reliable sources for editors.

Option C: How did you increase the reach (readership) of one or more Wikimedia projects?

  • The partnership we have with mission aligned institutions help us increase reach on the Wikimedia projects.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures


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Budget breakdown


Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Used Funds (ZAR) Used Funds (USD)
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Rate Total (USD) Notes
Bill No. 1 - Preliminaries and General
1.1 Telkom Costs 1 500.00 500.00 1 848.00 848.00 73.42 73.42 [1]
1.2 Press Kits 10 500.00 5 000.00 0 0 0 0 0 [2]
1.3 Incidental costs & contingencies 1 1 500.00 1 500.00 0 0 0 0 0
1.4 Project Management - 2 people (Bobbyshabangu; Thuvack) 2 1 590.30 3 180.60 2 1 590.30 1 590.30 275.38 275.38
TOTAL BILL Number 1 10 180.60 4 028.60 348.80
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Rate Total (USD) Notes
Bill No. 2 - Edit-A-Thons x 2 events
2.1 Project pamphlets 2 1 500.00 3 000.00 1 950.00 950.00 82.25 82.25
2.2 Catering
2.2.1 Catering: Edit-A-thon 1 - Breakfast 30 38.33 1 150.00 3.32 99.56 [3]
2.2.2 Catering: Edit-A-thon 1 - Lunch 45 77.22 3 475.00 6.69 300.86 [3]
2.2.3 Catering: Edit-A-thon 2 - Breakfast+Lunch 40 112.5 4 500.00 9.74 389.61 [4]
TOTAL BILL Number 2 7 000.00 10 074.80 872.28
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Rate Total (USD) Notes
Bill No. 3 - Writing Contest
3.1 Trophies and Memorabilia 1 3 500.00 3 500.00 1 191.52 191.52 16.58 16.58 [5]
3.2 Winning Prize 1 5 000.00 5 000.00 1 5 000.00 5 000.00 432.90 432.90
3.3 Catering 1 3 500.00 3 500.00 0 0 0 0 0 [6]
3.4 Judging Process 1 5 000.00 5 000.00 0 0 0 0 0 [6]
TOTAL BILL Number 3 17 000.00 5 191.52 449.48
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Rate Total (USD) Notes
TOTAL BILL Number 4 - Variations to Budget
4.1 Planning Lunch with ConhillEdu 0 0 0 1 350.00 350.00 30.30 30.30 [7]
4.2 Second Prize 0 0 0 1 1 500.00 1 500.00 129.87 129.87 [8]
4.3 Third Prize 0 0 0 1 500.00 500.00 43.29 43.29 [9]
4.4 Transportation reimbursements (Teachers) 0 0 0 1 2 093.12 2 093.12 279.96 279.96 [10]
4.5 Thank you wine gifts 0 0 0 1 279.96 279.96 24.24 24.24 [11]
4.6 Project stationery 0 0 0 1 84.40 84.40 7.31 7.31 [12]
TOTAL BILL Number 4 00.00 4 807.48 416.23
  1. Data bundles costs for providing wifi connectivity during Edit-A-Thon events.
  2. Press Kits + Incidental costs & contingencies budget items were unspent. The amount was carried over to cover items reported in Bill N0. 4 – Project Variations.
  3. a b Edit-A-thon No. 1 Catering - Breakfast and lunch were invoiced and paid for separately (02/05/2015). These two events are seen as one line item.
  4. Edit-A-thon No. 2 Catering (29/05/2015) which included both Tea and Lunch meals.
  5. Trophies and Memoriabilia included Individual student certificates for participation and Show Cheques for each of the three winning schools.
  6. a b Prize giving function Catering + Judging Process line items were not spent as CoJ sponsored prize giving Catering and WMZA + ConhillEdu project managers volunteered to judge online.
  7. We decided to have a planning lunch with ConhillEdu Project managers in order to charter a way forward due to change in personel from ConhillEdu.
  8. A second place price was created in order to cater for exceptional effort demonstrated by Jeppe Girls High.
  9. A Third place price was created in order to cater for exceptional effort in a local language wikipedia submission demonstrated by Senaoane High.
  10. Transportation costs reimbursements for Teachers bringing students for the three events was negotiated as some schools travelled as far as 50km away to attend the events.
  11. We prepared "Thank you wine gifts" for teachers and Student Volunteers from Wits University who assisted with the workshops.
  12. We had to buy invoice book for Item No. 10 above as well as general stationary to conduct a workshop.

Bills Subtotals

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Used Funds (ZAR) Used Funds (USD)
PROJECT SUMMARY PAGE Total in Rands (ZAR) Total in Rands (ZAR) Total in Dollars (USD)
1 Bill No. 1: Preliminary & General R 10 180.60 R 4 028.60 $ 348.80
2 Bill No. 2 - Edit-A-Thons R 7 000.00 R 10 074.80 $ 872.28
3 Bill No. 3 - Writing Contest R 17 000.00 R 5 191.52 $ 449.48
4 Bill No. 4 - Variation to Budget R 0.00 R 4 807.48 $ 416.23
5 SUBTOTAL R 34 180.60 R 24 102.40 $ 2 086.79
6 VAT (14%) R 4 785.28 R Included $ Included
7 TOTAL BUDGET PRICE R 38 965.88 R 24 102.40 $ 2 086.79

Budget Summaries

Total project budget (from your approved grant submission)
ZAR38 965.88 or $3 373.67 rounded total as calculated to be R11.55/1USD on 29/01/2015 using [1]
Total amount requested from WMF (from your approved grant submission, this total will be the same as the total project budget if PEG is your only funding source)
ZAR38 965.88 or $3 373.67 rounded total as calculated to be R11.55/1USD on 29/01/2015 using [2]
Total amount spent on this project
ZAR74 965.88or $6 490.55 rounded total as calculated to be R11.55/1USD on 29/01/2015 using [3]
Total amount of Project and Event grant funds spent on this project
ZAR24 102.40 or $2 086.79 rounded total as calculated to be R11.55/1USD on 29/01/2015 using [4]
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Additional Sources of Funds/In-kind funds

Description In-kind Funds
Total (ZAR) Total (USD)
Bill No. 1 - ConhillEdu In-kind donations
1.1 Venue for all 4 events 10 000.00 865.80
1.2 Audio Visual for all 4 events 1 000.00 86.58
1.3 Transportation of Learners for opening Event 5 000.00 432.90
TOTAL BILL Number 1 16 000.00 1 385.28
Bill No. 2 - City of Johannesburg In-kind donations
2.1 Catering for Edit-A-thon Event (Edit-A-thon No. 3) 10 000.00 865.80
2.2 Catering for Prize giving Event 10 000.00 865.80
TOTAL BILL Number 2 20 000.00 1 731.60

Remaining funds

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~1,286.88 USD
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