Learning patterns/Number of active editors involved

Number of active editors involved
problemEngaging and retaining productive Wikimedia contributors is as important as recruiting new ones.
solutionReport the number of currently active editors who participated in your project, program or event.
creatorEGalvez (WMF)
created on26 August, 2014

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What problem does this solve? edit

This learning pattern describes how to obtain the global metric on number of existing active editors involved by your project, program or event.

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Some definitions edit

Existing active editor is an editor who has made at least five edits in the previous month.
In-person events/projects/programs happen in real time in physical presence (e.g. 10 people in the same room). Sometimes, people in-person are online (because they brought their laptops!)
Online events/projects/programs happen entirely online, like a contest, to an international editathon, to experimental projects like The Wikipedia Adventure or the Teahouse.

How to measure edit

Wikimetrics edit

1. Get usernames
2. Review wikimetrics learning module and upload your cohort
  • If you have not done so already, take the wikimetrics learning module
  • When you upload your cohort, make sure your cohort is set up for analyzing the Wikimedia projects edited for your event.
  • Check off CentralAuth when uploading your cohort to get data from all WM projects.
3. In wikimetrics, create a report to find "active editors involved"
Using wikimetrics and the cohorts you created, you want to use the Rolling Active Editors metric.
  • As of Date is the start date and time of your program
  • Number of Edits should be 5.
  • Rolling days should be 30.
  • Configure output for edits should have individual checked off.
  • When you download or view the report, organize the data by username to see who is an active editor.

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