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Activities and lessons learned






Wikisangamotsavam 2013, an immensely successful event in creating and spreading awareness about the Wikimeida intiatives and necessity of knowledge freedom initiatives to all 'Malayalees' especially to the common people of Alappuzha which is a district of Kerala, a South Indian state. It was concluded with jovial spirits and a festive mood. Featured as the final item among a multitude of events and sessions, the Wiki Jalayatra (literally meaning ‘Wiki Water Voyage’) imprinted its own picturesque images often interleaved with abundant green and lavish blue backdrops onto the studious and life-long memories of many Malayalam Wikipedians.

It was the second edition of an labourious mission that was started in 2012 at Kollam. Malayalam Wikipedians have been already conducting simple and modest annual meet-ups since a few years. But they were mostly as isolated geographically as the tiny district capitals of Kerala. Evolving through several phases, the Alappuzha program in 2012 turned out to become the first-ever local language Indic Wikimedian Conference in history.

Besides facilitating a common ground for all Malayalam Wikimedian contributors to meet up, brain storm and evolve new strategies, this years Second edition had set up further goals: to name a few, interactions among peer communities of India, introduction of state of the art technology that will complement and enrich open source and free knowledge, the bilateral collaboration of Wikimedia projects and social groups of differently abled people. To be in harmony with this target, Wikisangamothsavam-2013 had a multifaceted multidirectional spectrum of events embedded meticulously within its schedule.

Undoubtedly this year’s Wikisangamotsavam was successful in achieving these aims. The main accomplishment of this year’s event would that of creating awareness about the QR code technique and about Wikipedia and its practical possibilities in relation to the town itself, among the residents of Aleppey town, in minimum time. The presence of the national guests,who represented other languages, throughout the event was another speciality of the event.

The organisation and success of the Wikisangamotsav 2013 were the fruits of hardwork and dedication of many wiki enthusiasts. The preparations began as early as in the first week of October. A suggestion in Malayalam Wikipedia mail list which was followed by a discussion initiated the whole process. In conclusion to this discussion, it was decided to conduct Wikisangamotsavam and Alappey was selected as the venue. The main wikipedia contributors from Alappey, T.K Sujith, M.P Manoj Kumar took up the leadership to make the event a huge success.



An unofficial meeting regarding the imminent Wikisangamotsavam and its possibilties was held during the the SMC 12th Anniversary meeting in Thrissur in the second week of October. The Wikipedia admins Sujith, Kannan Shanmukham, Manoj, Viswaprabha, Balashankar, the active wikipedians Sebin Abraham, Navaneeth Krishnan, Sujanika Ramanunni, Nisar V.K, Shaji Arikad, Akbar Ali, Sreejith Koiloth, Bipin, Sairam, Santhosh Thottingal, Kavya Manohar, Sneha, Vishnuvardhan (A2K Director, CIS Bangalore), Wikipedia well wishers and supporters Ashokan Njarakkal, M.P Parameshwaran actively participated in the meeting. Wikiwater ride, village ride (cycle rally), photowalk, workshop for journalists, QR code project were decided to be conducted as parts of Wikisangamotsav 2013, in this meeting.

  • A project Page

The next step was to create a page and subpages for the event. An I.P started page was developed by Sujith, Rajesh Odiyanjel, Anoopan, Aswini, Saanu, Manoj, Ramesh. Akhilan modified the page. Netha, Viswaprabha, Ramesh translated the page to English and helped in adding it to the Metawiki of Wikimedia Foundation.

  • Program Page in Meta

Natha Hussain, a medical student, took up the arduous task of translating the Malayalam pages, for the non- malayalee readers/users, to the Wikimedia foundation’s metawiki and the English Wikipedia’s program page, in time.[1]

  • Formation of the organising committee

A regional organising committee was set up under the leadership of the wikipedians of Alappey, for the successful execution of Wikisangamotsavam. The organising committee was selected in the meeting held on 23 Oct.2013 at 4pm in the Parishat Bhavan, the office of Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishath (KSSP) in Alleppey. In this meeting which was held till 7 in the evening, many wiki users, IT school teachers etc. from different districts of Kerala took part. They were told about the importance of wikisangamotsavam and wikipedia. The meeting reached a consensus regarding the various programs and subprojects to be carried out in the Wikisangamotsavam. Schools, Media and regional institutions were decided to be incorporated into the event.

  • Social Media Support

Social networks played a decisive role in the success of Wikisangamotsavam. Event pages and hashtags were created in facebook, twitter, Google plus

  • Hand Book

As a part of the annual wiki workers meet on 2013 Dec. 21-23, in Alappey and for wikipedia campaigning, the handbook that the malayalam wiki crew creates and distributes, was timely modified and enhanced. It can be accessed in this link.

Pre-Conference Events


The wikisangamotsavam was planned to be held for two days. But in order to utilise the opportunity to the fullest and to ensure maximum success of the event, it was decided to carry out a few sub-projects before the Wikisangamotsavam. It helped in mentally preparing the wiki users, wiki supporters and wikimedia well wishers for the event to a great extend and create an environment for Wikisangamotsavam.

1. Wikipedia Editathon

An intensive editing project was carried out in malayalam wikipedia as a part of wikisangamotsavam. By focussing on selected articles, the aim of this task was to develop it and to create new articles. Kerala, Waterbodies, Alappuzha, International Organisations, the parliament constituencies were the selected topics. Those who like to edit and create articles on these topics voluntarily came forward and added their usernames to the program webpage. To identify these articles necessary templates and ? were created. Articles were selected till Dec.31. Editing works were done and entries were created. Many users enrolled their user names under this project.

2. Wiki Youth Meet

A wiki youth meet was held for the college students of aleppey on 30.11.2013 in the town square. many students participated in it. Nandakumar, +2 student and free software promoter, inaugurated the function.

3. Wiki Cycle Rally

cycle rally members

Cycle rallies, organised as part of the offline efforts to proclaim Wikisangamotsavam , took off from 26.11.2013. This was the first offline mini initiative for Wikisangamotsavam, which was conducted in Alappuzha town. The objective of this initiative by students and Wikipedia volunteers was to create awareness about wikipedia in rural areas. The rally covered different parts of the district in two phases.

The First Phase

Smt. Sheeba S. Kurup, the member of Gramapanchayath, flagged off the cycle rally in a function organised at Poklassery L.P School, Kanichukulangara. Adv. M.P Manoj Kumar and Adv. T.K Sujit spoke at the function which was presided over by the headmaster Sri. P.V Dinesan. Sri. M. Gopakumar, Sri. P. V. Narayana Panikkar, G. Anil and Sri. V. B Chandran lead the rally. After visiting 7 schools in the localities of Kanichukulangara, Areeparambu, Arthungal, Mararikklam and Kattoor, the rally ended at Thumpoli by 4pm. Narayana Panikkar, Anil, Chandran, Jayesh, Midhun, Aparna, Aromal, Ashique and Akshay were part of the first phase of the cycle rally.

The Second Phase

The second phase of the cycle rally took off at 10 am from SDV school on 5.12.2013. The rally visited 7 schools in the city and spoke to schoolchildren about Malayalam Wikipedia. Lively discussions followed and notices were distributed among the students. The volunteers also talked to students about the Wikisangamotsavam. The days programme came to an end by 6 pm. Adv. M.P Manoj Kumar, Adv. T.K Sujit, Sri. P. V. Narayana Panikkar, Sri. G. Anil, Sri. V. B Chandran, Aparna, Ashique, Gopu and Deepu were part of the second phase of the cycle rally.

4. Wiki Photo Walk

Wiki photo walk was conducted in Alapuzha town on December 5th . Two groups were set up for the same. Sabu Anand, P.V. Vinod, Nithin S, Tibin Agustine, Shyamlal T Pushpan, Viswa Prabha, Kannan J. , Jayakumar K.S. , M. P. Manojkumar, Vishnu V.S. , V. Prathap and Shiva Kumar volunteered for the function.

5. Wiki WOrkshop for Jounalists

inauguration by the Sub-Collector G. R. Gokul I.A.S.

Wikipedia workshop was conducted by the Wikisangamotsavam organizing committee in collaboration with the Alapuzha Press club. The workshop which was organized at the press club hall was inaugurated by the Sub-Collector G. R. Gokul I.A.S. The function was presided over by Press Club President Jackson Aarattukulam and was attended by the district secretary of C.P.M., C.B. Chandrababu, Journalists, students from Alapuzha S.D college, and press club members. Press club secretary K.G. Mukundan, joint secretary Harikrishnan and Wikisangamotsavam convener N. Sanu spoke at the event. Adv. T.Sujith and Kannan Shanmugham took classes as part of the workshop.

Wikisangamotsavam 1st Day


6. Wiki Vidyarthi Sangamam (Students Meet)

inauguration by: Minon (national award winning child artist)

Wikisangamotsavam began with Wiki Students’ meet. The meet was inaugurated by the national award winning child artist Minon. Rajesh sir presided over the function and Kannan Shanmugham welcomed the students friends. Students from all most all districts in kerala participated in the meet. 50 Student friends from Anchal West Govt. High School, Kollam, attended the meet. Students friends from Alapuzha came to the meet after their week long Wiki Cycle rally. T. K. Sujith, Viswaprabha Manoj, Balashankar C. and Satheeshan Master spoke to children during various sessions.

Students from Kollam Anchal West School

On the first day of the event, after noon the seminar started on the subject “Wikipedia and Malayalam”. The famous Malayalam academic Scaria Zacharia has took the wraps off the program. As per him , the community has to give importance to the immense relation of technology and humanity. Inclining the language for technology purpose as well as vice versa is never been a good sign. And there are a huge number of fascist people who are trying to hinder the language amendment. They used to come up with well-made offences when a new word invented. They have to understand the fact that the languages improve thru new word alteration to the language. Have to think about, Malayalam language comes under which one among Hereditary, Scientific and Human languages.

7. Wikipedia for Differently abled

This must be the first time when a workshop was organised for differently abled/ visually challenged individuals by any Indian language Wikipedia community. Though computer literacy and awareness of information technology is remarkably high in today's differently abled individuals, they have only meagre knowledge about wikipedia. They still find it difficult to use internet in malayalam due to various technical issues. However, it is them who can get the most out of wikipedia. The absence of non-text forms (audio books, for instance) of knowledge is a serious problem the visually challenged individuals face. It is an irony that even in the age of technological advancement, these individuals are forced to depend on others for knowledge acquisition. The workshop addressed areas/questions like, “what is Wikipedia?, “who all can use it?” “what is an article?”, “how to write in Malayalam in wikipedia?” and “similar initiatives” . The Wikipedia workshop was an eye opener even for those visually challenged who were familiar with computers. Espeak is the only open source speech synthesiser for differently abled individuals today. Espeak is the only medium through which visually challenged individuals can access Wikipedia. From Kasargod to Thiruvanathapuram, there has been representatives from the visually challenged community from all the districts. A total of 17 attended the event. Many brought laptops for the workshop. representatives from Schools for the blind, Teachers, employees were present for the event.

Dr. Iqbal directed the seminar through. Dr. Ajay Kumar, The secretary of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing Anivar Aravind , The state secretary of Malayalam Ikyavedi V.P Marcos were given speeches. Scaria Zacharia had cut the cake for 11th Birthday of Malayalam Wikipedia. C.P Abdul Hakkim Master, who was leading the Wiki GNU Linux CD got recognized in the program with the certificate.

Wiki Workshop : Study classes for the newcomers were conducted at “Sasthamkotta” venue. Around 50 people participated in the event. The class was conducted by Shivahari. Issues related copyright and other wiki initiatives were discussed in the study class. Seminar on Wikipedia and Malayalam language

Wikisangamotsavam 2nd Day


The second day by 9.30 AM the WikiSangamothsavam - 2013 – Inauguration program started. In the main meeting directed by M.Gopakumar, Adv. Sujith gave the welcome speech.

WikiSangamothsavam - 2013 - Inaguration by noted media person, Sasikumar
Speech by - Dr.T.M.Thomas Isaac MLA

Noted media person of India, Sasikumar has inaugurated the WikiSangamothsavam – 2013. Sasi Kumar pointed that, the mainstream medias are giving up their duty of knowledge transfer which is the alternate solution to the development of society. When they says they are prejudice and public demanded too, all the channel debates are like well scripted and dramatic.

When someone object to transfer the knowledge and monopolizing it is simply fascism. They are afraid about the social intellectual development. In such scenario the priority of Wikipedia is getting high, as Wikipedia is the corresponding way of free knowledge.

Former state finance minister Dr. T.M Thomas Isaac MLA was the chief guest . According to him ,since the social economical fields obligate the fundamental changes and the technology being the part of day to day life , knowledge development and transferring getting centralized by the medias.

Wikimedia India Chapter President Moksh Juneja, Centre for Internet Society Director Vishnuvardhan, Adv. Sujith , A.R Muhammed Aslam, P.V Vinod also had talk.

Felicitation of guests, WikiSangamotsavam 2013

The Main Conference was followed by a Status Report of different Malayalam Wiki Projects by concerend admins and active volunteers.

  • Netha Hussain presented the statistics of General Wikimedia projects.
  • Kannan Shanmukham has presented the Malayalam Wikipedia statistics
  • Manoj K has presented the statistics of Malayalam Wikisource.
Talk on writing in wiki by Manoj puthiyavila in WikiSangamothsavam - 2013
  • Dr. Fuad presented statistics of Malayalam Wikiquotes.
  • Sajal Karikkan has presented the statistics of Malayalam Wikitionary.

There were some parellall sessions with talks by experts such as[2]:

  • Talk on DAISY (Tool for Visually Challenged) by Mrs.Sarala Ramkamal, Director of Chakshumathi Foundation
Talk on DAISY by Mrs.Sarala Ramkamal, Director of Chakshumathi Foundation in WikiSangamothsavam - 2013
  • Talk on good Malayalam writing by Manoj puthiyavila, noted media personality
  • Talk on opoen data by Arun Ravi, Wiki volunteer
Talk on open data by Arun Ravi in WikiSangamothsavam - 2013
  • Talk on Creative Commons by T.K Sujith admin Malayalam Wikipedia
  • Presentations by Mozilla Community members about Mozilla OS and allied projects

Noted economist and writer Dr. T. T sreekumar inaugurates the validictory function of Wikisangamotsavam Main Event

Alappuzhapedia - Q.R. Pedia Project

"ALAPPUZHAPEDIA" project inaguration - Dr.T.M.Thomas Isaac MLA (Former State financial minister)

Dr T.M Thomas Issc, Former Finance Minister of Kerala inaugurated the QR Code, Alappuzhapedia project on 22nd December 2013 evening 6.00pm. He scanned the QR code at the light house situated at alappuzha beach. Mercy Dayana, Chairperson of Alappuzha Municipality participated on the event. The proposed plan is the put more QR codes at important places of Alappuzha Municipality.



On the third day of Wikisangamothsavam 2013 a boat trip was conducted for wikipedians. Two boats with full of wikipedians visited Vembanad Lake. Lot of photos are taken on this boat trip. The files are uploaded to commons. The team visited Coal paddy fields named Chithira(716 Acre), Rani(568 Acre) and R Block.

Lessons learned

What worked well?
Improvement of peer co-operation and communication of Malayalam Wikimedians.
Creation and adaption of new wikimedians in Malayalam Community
Creation of new articles in Malayalam Wikipedia
Quality improvisation of articles in Malayalam wikipedia
First attempt to gather inter-community delegates from other Indic Wikimedia projects by a local community from India.
What didn't work?
Reporting back the progress and completion status on the conclusion of project in due time. We are aware that this report was vehemently delayed.
Track management
We realized that while conducting events with continuous presentations on a multi-track basis, there should be adequate isolation between the different venues….
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
Will Plan early to get more outreach and also to invite members from other community.
Will Employ a team to document the project and make report. This will avoid the delay in reporting
We will definitely conduct a mini meet-up for preparing report and consolidate accounts and expenses immediately after the programme. All the persons who responsible for the programme will mobilise for the same and that meetup will be included in the programme schedule as a post-conference agenda.

Learning patterns


Outcomes and impact



The original project goal.
The planned second edition of Malayalam WikiSangamotsavam 2013 ('mlWS2013') aims to reinforce the synergy of community by improving upon their peer co-operation, mass outreach and absorption of fresh contributors. The program will result in greater content enrichment, content quality and emancipation of potential knowledge sources related to Wikimedia projects, in all Indian languages in general and in Malayalam language in particular. mlWS2013 will further catalyze our already recognized achievements in liaising with the government, academics, writers and students and common public.
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 short paragraphs.
Yes, we achieved our goal. We have got new Editors and contributors in Malayalam Wikipedia after this Gathering . We had conducted an edit-a-thon in malayalam wikipedia associated with this annual meeting. We created 222 new articles in different subjects that ranges from local subjects to national level subjects[3]. We expanded 70 articles in that Edit-a-thon. We uploaded 176 New photographs to commons taken in a Photo walk [4] and Boat Trip, Wikijalayathra, associated with the Meeting[5].

Progress towards targets and goals


Project metrics

Project metrics Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
New Editors Approximately 60 new editors are joined We have a steady growth in new editors after this meeting.
New articles in Malayalam Wikipedia 222 New Articles We conducted an Edit-a-thon associated with this meeting[6]. Also we got new maintainers for edit-a-thons after this event.
Improving Quality of Articles in Malayalam Wikipedia 70 Articles Expanded We conducted an Edit-a-thon associated with this meeting. We expanded 70 articles in Malayalam wikipedia[7].
Associate with academic institutions and writers in Kerala 45 students from different schools, colleges are participated in Wiki Yuvasangamam. 50 journalists are participated in Wiki workshop for journalists. We conducted Wiki Students’ meet and Wikipedia workshop for Jounalists to gather new people into wikipedia

Global Metrics


We are trying to understand the overall outcomes of the work being funded across our grantees. In addition to the measures of success for your specific program (in above section), please use the table below to let us know how your project contributed to the Global Metrics. We know that not all projects will have results for each type of metric, so feel free to put "0" where necessary.

  1. Next to each required metric, list the actual outcome achieved through this project.
  2. Where necessary, explain the context behind your outcome. For example, if you were funded for an edit-a-thon which resulted in 0 new images, your explanation might be "This project focused solely on participation and articles written/improved, the goal was not to collect images."

For more information and a sample, see Global Metrics.

Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 60 Active Editors Involved 30 Editors are involved in the Edit-a-thon[8] and 60 New editors are joined[9].
2. # of new editors 60 New Editors are joined[10]. An Event called Wiki Yuvasangamam was conducted for school and college stuents at Alappuzha. Also an edit workshop conducted for journalists at Alappuzha. Photos from both events given above.
3. # of individuals involved 250 Individuals attended the meeting. We have done the registration of all the Participants online before the meeting. Also Spot registration performed. We got a good media coverage before the event.
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 176 New images are uploaded to commons. New photographs are taken in a Photo walk[11] and Boat Trip called Wikijalayathra associated with the Meeting[12].
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 221 New Articles Are added and 70 Articles are Expanded We conducted an edit-a-thon associated with this meeting[13].
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects 1,472,551 Bytes added into Wikipedia, Average Bytes per article is 6,663 and Standard Deviation is 11754. 221 New Articles added into Wikipedia on an Edit-a-thon conducted with this event[14].
Learning question
Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?
Yes. According to the matrix given below there is a rise in joining of new editors, new articles, active editors, number of articles etc. This indicates that we can boost the malayalam wiki community with this event[15].
Date Wikipedians Articles
total new edits count new per day mean larger than
> 5 > 100 official > 200 ch edits bytes 0.5 Kb 2 Kb
February 2014 1137 14 86 12 35 k 34 k 10 30.3 2897 0.89 0.38
January 2014 1123 20 105 16 35 k 34 k 14 30.4 2894 0.89 0.38
December 2013 1103 17 106 16 34 k 34 k 14 30.6 2896 0.89 0.38
November 2013 1086 20 126 23 34 k 33 k 17 30.7 2902 0.89 0.38
October 2013 1066 14 99 16 33 k 33 k 12 30.8 2898 0.89 0.38



What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic priorities?

As our humble effort to contribute to the great mission of WMF we geneated educational content under a free license by adding more articles into Malayalam Wikipedia. Also we contributed pictures in free licenses[16]. We conducted a series of events to meet new people from schools[17], colleges, journalists and general public[18].

Option A: How did you increase participation in one or more Wikimedia projects?

We conducted a series of events associated with this meeting. We executed events to meet new people and make them new wikipedia contributors. We added new content and photographs to wikipedia. Also we initiated some new spark for future programmes.

Option B: How did you improve quality on one or more Wikimedia projects?

We improved the quality of 70 articles in malayalam wikipedia as a part of edit-a-thon. Also we trained people to improve articles in wikipedia.

Option C: How did you increase the reach (readership) of one or more Wikimedia projects?

We created social media mobilizing pages[19][20] to reach to more people. We got coverage on local as well as national media about the event. We also conducted a series of events that directly addressing students, journalists and public.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures


This section describes the grant's use of funds


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Income Expenditure Report

WMF 221385 Breakfast (2days) 30 350 10500
CIS 155700 Forenoon refreshments (3 days) 15 700 10500
WMIN 215690 Lunch (3 days) 90 700 63000
Local Sponsership 8215 Afternoon Refreshments (3 days) 20 700 14000
Evening Refreshments (3 days) 45 700 31500
Dinner (2 Days) 80 400 32000
Hotel (3days) 800 30 24000
Dormitory (3Days) 6000 3 18000
Hotel (2Days) 900 20 18000
Local Transportation 8100
Expences Met By WIki Media India Chapter Fund
WIMIN Preconference Expences 36347 Pre - Conference means workshops, wikistudent meet, journalist meet, meeting expenses etc.
WIMIN CONFERENCE INFRASTRUCTURE EXPENCES 69875 Confernce Infrastructure includes, PA System, Connectivity, Venu and Hall etc.
WIMIN SWAGs, Publicity and Information Dispersal Expences (SPI) 79103
WIMIN FEATURE EVENT EXPENCES 30365 Featured events including Photowalk, QR Code programme etc.
Expences Met by CIS Fund
CIS Expense T- Shirts 110700
CIS Expense School Bag 45000
Grand Total (INR) 600990 Grand Total (INR) 600990


Please list all project expenses in a table here, with descriptions and dates. Review the instructions here.

SEE INSTRUCTIONS AT Grants:Index/Create financial report.

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Actual cost per unit Actual total Budgeted total Currency Notes
1 Food & Beverages Breakfast (First Day)(21st December 2013) Per person 175 30 5250 8800 INR
2 Food & Beverages Breakfast (Second Day)(22nd December 2013) Per person 175 30 5250 INR
3 Food & Beverages Forenoon refreshments (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per person 280 15 4200 12380 INR
4 Food & Beverages Forenoon refreshments (Day 2)(22nd December 2013) Per person 265 15 3975 INR
5 Food & Beverages Forenoon refreshments (Day 3)(23rd December 2013) Per person 155 15 2325 INR
6 Food & Beverages Lunch (Day 1)(21st December 2013) Per person 280 90 25200 51105 INR
7 Food & Beverages Lunch (Day 2)(22nd December 2013) Per person 265 90 23850 INR
8 Food & Beverages Lunch (Day 3)(23rd December 2013) Per person 155 90 13950 INR
9 Food & Beverages Afternoon Refreshments (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per person 280 20 5600 12280 INR
10 Food & Beverages Afternoon Refreshments (Day2)(22nd December 2013) Per person 265 20 5300 INR
11 Food & Beverages Afternoon Refreshments (Day3)(23rd December 2013) Per person 155 20 3100 INR
12 Food & Beverages Evening Refreshments (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per person 280 45 12600 5820 INR
13 Food & Beverages Evening Refreshments (Day2)(22nd December 2013) Per person 265 45 11925 INR
14 Food & Beverages Evening Refreshments (Day3)(23rd December 2013) Per person 155 45 6975 INR
15 Food & Beverages Dinner (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per person 220 80 17600 20000 INR
16 Food & Beverages Dinner (Day2)(22nd December 2013) Per person 180 80 14400 INR
17 Accomodation Hotel 1 (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per Room 10 800 8000 90000 INR
18 Accomodation Hotel 1 (Day2)(22nd December 2013) Per Room 10 800 8000 INR
19 Accomodation Hotel 1 (Day3)(23rd December 2013) Per Room 10 800 8000 INR
20 Accomodation Dormitory (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per Dormitory 1 6000 6000 INR
21 Accomodation Dormitory (Day2)(22nd December 2013) Per Dormitory 1 6000 6000 INR
22 Accomodation Dormitory (Day3)(23rd December 2013) Per Dormitory 1 6000 6000 INR
23 Accomodation Hotel2 (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per Room 10 900 9000 INR
24 Accomodation Hotel2 (Day2)(22nd December 2013) Per Room 10 900 9000 INR
25 Transport Local Transportation (Day1)(21st December 2013) Per Vehicle 1 2700 2700 10000 INR
26 Transport Local Transportation (Day2)(22nd December 2013) Per Vehicle 1 2700 2700 INR
27 Transport Local Transportation (Day3)(23rd December 2013) Per Vehicle 1 2700 2700 INR
Grand Total 229600 210385 INR

Total project budget (from your approved grant submission)
654575 INR (10351 USD) [21]
Total amount requested from WMF (from your approved grant submission, this total will be the same as the total project budget if PEG is your only funding source)
221385 INR (3501 USD)[22]
Total amount spent on this project
600990 INR (9505 USD)
Total amount of Project and Event grant funds spent on this project
Total Amount of Project is 600990 INR (9505 USD) and Event grant funds 221385 INR (3501 USD).
Are there additional sources that funded any part of this project? List them here.
Center for Internet and Society, Wikimedia India, Local Sponsership [23]

Remaining funds

Are there any grant funds remaining?
Answer YES or NO.
Please list the total amount (specify currency) remaining here. (This is the amount you did not use, or the amount you still have after completing your grant.)
If funds are remaining they must be returned to WMF, reallocated to mission-aligned activities, or applied to another approved grant.
Please state here if you intend to return unused funds to WMF, submit a request for reallocation, or submit a new grant request, and then follow the instructions on your approved grant submission.
NO Funds Remaining