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Activities and lessons learnedEdit

This report summarizes the activities organized and attended by Wikimedia Finland (WMFI) in 2015. Events are organized chronologically, followed by events that took place during the whole year or that are otherwise impossible to place in a single month. Where possible, number of attendees is included (both WMFI members and total number of attendees). Other metrics by event are also included where appropriate.


1.-4.8. Meeting of the Fenno-ugric language WikipediasEdit

A meeting of the fenno-ugric language Wikipedias was held in 1.-4.8. 2015 in Meremäe, Estonia. Heikki Kastemaa participated, presentation "Public Artworks in Finland to Wikipedia".

4.9. Late night FashionEdit

The event Late night Fashion 4.9.2015 in Design Museum ( ). Tommi Kovala, Heikki Kastemaa and Susanna Ånäs participated.

10.-13.9 Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2015 in Tartu, EstoniaEdit

Heikki Kastemaa participated, facilitator in session "Legal issues and Freedom of Panorama"

16.9 Maptime TurkuEdit

The second session of Maptime Turku was, among other things, about Wikidata. Susanna Ånäs and Jyrki Lehtinen participated. Wikidata was introduced to some attendees.

24.10. Historiantutkimuksen päivätEdit

In Historical Research Day Conference 2015 (fi. Historiantutkimuksen päivät 2015) at the University of Eastern Finland Susanna Ånäs (Aalto University / Wikimedia Suomi) gave a presentation with title "Maker space for real and hobbyist historians" in the panel "Everyone a historian? User generated contents, participatory archives and history making in the digital age" together with Silja Laine (University of Turku) and Anne Heimo (University of Turku).

18.11 Maptime TurkuEdit

The third session of Maptime Turku was, among other things, about QGIS. Jyrki Lehtinen participated. Visualisations based on Wikidata made with QGIS were seen.

19.11. Kick-off event for the Women's Day editathonEdit

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, The Library of Helsinki University and WMFI organised a kick-off event for the upcoming Women's Day editathon (8.3.). Participants represented different GLAM organisations. Teemu Perhiö gave a presentation about Wikipedia and we discussed how to organise the event. The aim of the event is to create or improve 100 different articles about women in Finnish Wikipedia during the Women's day.

21.11. Wikipaja in RupriikkiEdit

Media Museum Rupriikki held a game history themed editathon ("wikipaja") at their new location in Tampere. Two more editathons, but smaller, are being organised in 27.11. and 4.12. Project page). Teemu Perhiö held an introduction to Wikipedia presentation.

All-year activitiesEdit

Weekly WMFI chatsEdit

There was less energy for the general out-of-office-hours weekly chats in 2014. The new weekly meet-ups are held at



Wikipedia LibraryEdit

In 2015 we helped to launch a branch of Wikipedia Library in Finnish Wikipedia. During community consultation the branch was named Wikipedian Lähdekirjasto. After setting up the initial pages, the coordinator approached the first possible partner, The Finnish Literature Society (Finlit). In late November Lähdekirjasto launched its first donation program, where Finlit gives 20 accounts to Wikipedians to its Kansallisbiografia and Talouselämän vaikuttajat web publications [1]. The publications include over 8 500 biographies of notable Finnish people.




Wikidata. Mobilizing Open Cultural DataEdit

The Project:


Suomi 100Edit

Wikiprojekti Suomi 100 is a volunteer project for the centennary anniversary of Finnish indepence in the year 2017. The aim of to project is:

  1. to create a list of roughly one hundred central Finland-related articles in fi-Wikipedia and
  2. improve them into either "promising" (fi:Wikipedia:Lupaavat artikkelit), "good" (fi:Wikipedia:Hyvät artikkelit) or "featured articles" (fi:Wikipedia:Suositellut artikkelit),
  3. to produce at least one high quality interwiki article for each of them, and
  4. to arrange an international challence in which the respective interwiki articles in other wikies are improved.

The project is carried out totally on voluntary basis by the Fi-wikipedia editor community. The progress of the project can be followed here.


The new membership management system was introduced. It allowed us to check the contact information of all existing members and helped recruit new members. The number of new members (by 6/2016) reached xx.

Board activityEdit

Board meetingsEdit


Working group meetingsEdit

The Board decided not to divide into working groups this year, to make sure all areas of activity will be equally active. The project coordinator will be involved in all activities.

General AssembliesEdit




  • The Nordic Culture Fund grant was extended until the end of September, 2015.


Financial administrationEdit

Wikimedia Finland continued the use of the Holvi banking system. Using the system causes extra work for the accounting agency. Managing a separate cost center for Wikimaps and administering grants of different lengths has made the work more complex. We will evaluate if a change into a more traditional accounting system will support us better, but for now, we will continue with the system.

Project applicationsEdit

  • Ministry of Education and Culture: GLAM upload tools and Wikidata
  • Ministry of Education and Culture: Copyright publication
  • Wihuri Fund: Public Art Project



We started to send Newsletters this year.

  • The April issue: Wikimedia Suomen uutiskirje huhtikuu 2015 - [2]
  • The May-June issue: Touko–kesäkuun uutisia Wikimedia Suomesta - [3]

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Social media statisticsEdit

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We have 226 followers in November 2015.


Lessons learnedEdit

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Learning patternsEdit

Outcomes and impactEdit


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