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Report accepted
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The logo of CEE WikiCap 2015
The logo of CEE WikiCap 2015

Project status edit

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Activities and lessons learned edit

Activities edit

The activities closely followed the Programme of the event. Breaks are omitted. You can also see the Commons gallery of the event.
30 July
  • At foyer of the hotel, for participants who come early this day.
The opening talk of the event
Participants from Turkey and Albania editing Wiktionary
31 July
  • Next day arrivals registered in hotel, they were greeted and they prepared for the museum visit.
  • Taxi vehicles organised for the participants, as temperatures were too high and sun too strong to walk to the museum (about 1.5 km away)
  • The participants took a guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia , exploring its ancient heritage.
  • A welcome speech given by the organiser, Bojan Jankuloski.
  • Photo-ton in two sessions held by Greta Doçi from the Albanian user group, aimed at increasing usage of images submitted at photo contests.
  • Two sessions of Wiki Loves Words were held, headed by Bojan Jankuloski, aimed at adding words meaningful in participants' cultures to Wiktionsary and recording pronunciations of words.
  • Vassily Kislyak from Belarus presented several important issues regarding images on Wikimedia Commons.
  • A walk through the Old Bazaar and dinner in a restaurant there.
1 August
Participants at the Arabati Baba Teḱe
The smorgasbord at the national dinner
  • In the morning, participants made their way on a bus tour around Tetovo and the Matka area near Skopje, visiting places of historic and cultural significance: Tetovo: Šarena Džamija, Arabati Baba Teḱe and near Skopje: Matka Canyon and the Monastery of St. Andrew.
  • The tour ended with a lunch/dinner at the Cave Restaurant in the picturesque Matka Kanyon.
  • Later that day the participants attended the national dinner smorgasbord at the hotel, trying traditional Macedonian dishes.
2 August
The upload-a-thon session on the last day
  • On the next morning, an upload-a-thon/edit-a-thon was held, lead by Toni Ristovski, where participants uploaded images taken during their tours and visits on Wikimedia Commons or creates articles about Macedonia on Wikipedia in their own languages.
  • The session continued, and the whole event was wrapped-off with a closing talk, where the participants also had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the host country.

Lessons learned edit

What worked well?
The general atmosphere was very positive and people had a lot of fun seeing the country, and engaging with each other. There were lots of talks about cultural similarities and differences, as well as about the movement itself. Many personal contacts were established. They were motivated to continue their work on Wikipedia and to explore other countries and cultures.
What didn't work?
The editing sessions were not as expedient as we had intended, mainly due to the restricted space and technical capabilities. Words were not recorded due to technical limitation of the available equipment. Also, the person dealing with airplane tickets had not succeeded in obtaining border entry documents for participants of two countries.
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
Communicate community ideas to the grantmakers in time to get feedback on possibilities.

Learning patterns edit

Outcomes and impact edit

Outcomes edit

Provide the original project goal here.
The project goal was to bring together the winners from CEE Spring from 19th CEE countries which participated in the CEE Spring 2015 contest. The activities were meant to and create content about Macedonia based on these shared activities, but also to add an emphasis on sharing experiences from participants of the contest as Wikimedians, motivating them to participate in the movement in future.
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 short paragraphs.
Yes. We believe that the project goal was achieved. There wasn't a very large amount of content created, but the idea was that these people, who are not active in the movement, should get a taste of our activities and feel encouraged to become active. Apart from the intercultural exchange, there was significant sharing of Wikipedian experiences, new ideas and mutual support.

Progress towards targets and goals edit

Project metrics

  • content generated in at least 10 languages
  • at least 20 entries created on Wiktionary;
  • at least 20 articles created on Wikipedia;
  • at least 10 voices recorded;
  • pronounciation of at least 20 words recorded;
  • at least 1,000 photographs taken during the Wikiexpeditions;
  • at least 100 unused photographs from Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 and Wiki Loves Earth 2015 included in articles.
Project metrics Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
content generated in at least 10 languages content generated in 11 languages This includes various language versions of Wikipedia and Wiktionary
at least 20 entries created on Wiktionary 14 entries created English and other language versions of Wiktionary
at least 20 articles created/improved on Wikipedia 48 articles created on respective Wikipedia language versions
at least 10 voices recorded 0 recorded Due to the aforementioned technical challenges
pronounciation of at least 20 words recorded 0 recorded Due to the aforementioned technical challenges
at least 1,000 photographs taken during the Wikiexpedition many taken, 300 of which on uploaded Wikimedia Commons The rest of the photographs uploaded and shared on social media
at least 100 unused photographs from Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 and Wiki Loves Earth 2015 included in articles probably 100 This was hard to measure, as each participant inserted photos from the contests on their own wiki, and we could not keep track of their activities.

Global Metrics edit

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For more information and a sample, see Global Metrics.

Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. 19 active editors involved 17 active editors involved One participant didn't show up, and the other was refused entry into the country.
2. # of new editors n/a All editors involved in this project were, by definition, existing ones as they were award winners of editing contests.
3. 26 individuals involved 24 involved 17 participants + 7 organising team members
4a. # 100 new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages about 100 Explained above in the last row of the project measures
5. 20 articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 48 articles
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects unknown Unfortunately, we have no reasonably convenient way of measuring this. It would have taken countless hours to look-up all of the contributions and add-up the bytes.
Learning question
Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?
We increased the motivation of participants because they had the opportunity to see a new place and culture, share experiences with their fellow editors from the wider region, which made them more interested in the cultural, geographic and historical treasures of each other's countries. Their coming to the event was itself a reward for their efforts at the CEE Spring 2015, which undoubtedly had a motivational impact on them.

Impact edit

What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic priorities?

Option A: How did you increase participation in one or more Wikimedia projects?

  • The participation in Wikimedia projects was increased due to the activities, where participants were contributing to them in an organised manner when writing about the country, uploading photos and editing Wiktionary.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures edit

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Documentation edit

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Expenses edit

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Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Actual cost per unit Actual total Budgeted total Currency Notes
1 Venues Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia 19 41.46 23.50 EUR The price for the tour came higher than what was agreed upon when making inquiries in the museum.
2 Travel costs City transport to museum 11.69 0.00 EUR This cost wasn't strictly planned in a separate entry, but it had to be made because people could not walk to the museum due to very high temperatures.
3 Travel costs and visas Airplane tickets group 11 6,027 8,200 EUR Paid in US$ ($6,715). Ticket for Polish participant yet to be refunded.
4 Travel costs and visas Bus tickets group 7 193.00 334.00 EUR Return tickets from Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania. No visas required for these countries.
5 Accommodation and meals Accommodation, meals and tour bus 2,973.73 2,760.00 EUR Total for accommodation, meals in hotel and other venues and coffee breaks. Tour bus for the expedition visit included here, as the agency didn't invoice it separately.
6 Materials and gifts Printed materials 59.90 50.00 EUR Programme printing, some promo materials and name tags.
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Remaining funds edit

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