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Support & SafetyEdit

Keeping events safeEdit

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Online Harassment I: FundamentalsEdit

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Online Harassment II: Other formsEdit

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Online Harassment III: Communication best practicesEdit

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Online Harassment IV: Handling reportsEdit

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Online Harassment V: Closing casesEdit

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Wikipedia EssentialsEdit

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Editing BasicsEdit

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Evaluating ArticlesEdit

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Editing Medical TopicsEdit

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Images and MediaEdit

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Translating ArticlesEdit

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Sandboxes and MainspaceEdit

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Sources and CitationsEdit

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Plagiarism and Copyright ViolationEdit

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Editathons and Editing EventsEdit

Editathons Module 1: Defining your eventEdit

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Editathons Module 2: Planning well before the EditathonEdit

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Editathons Module 3: Module 3: Planning leading up to the eventEdit

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Programs & Events DashboardEdit

Using the Programs and Events DashboardEdit

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Creating a CampaignEdit

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Set up an edit-a-thonEdit

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Set up a Wikipedia Education Program courseEdit

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Track edits on multiple wikisEdit

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Delete a ProgramEdit

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Dashboard adminsEdit

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Handling Private InformationEdit

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Wikipedia Editing (German)Edit

Wikipedia Essentials in GermanEdit

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Wikipedia Editing Basics in GermanEdit

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Wikipedia Evaluating Articles and Sources in GermanEdit

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Wikipedia Talk Pages and Source-Code in GermanEdit

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Tutorial for GLAMs (Portuguese)Edit

Introduction to the Wikimedia Ecosystem in PortugueseEdit

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Share your GLAM in the Wikimedia Ecosystem in PortugueseEdit

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Upload your GLAM collection on the Wikimedia platforms in PortugueseEdit

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Introduction to WikidataEdit

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Databases and Linked DataEdit

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The Wikidata communityEdit

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Evaluating Data on WikidataEdit

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Adding to WikidataEdit

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Querying Wikidata: SPARQLEdit

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Wikidata WikiProjectsEdit

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