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Maintaining a Safe SpaceEdit

Another important consideration when running public events, is maintaining a safe space during the event. When working with partner organizations, they likely have strategies for maintaining a safe space, especially if they regularly host events open to the public. Make sure you understand how to take advantage of that strategy when coordinating with your partners.

On occasion, either registered attendees or members of the public will disrupt events or have inappropriate one-on-one interactions. Preparing yourself to respond to these occurrences will help ensure that all participants feel welcomed as part of the Wikimedia Community and inappropriate behaviour is curtailed.

Minimally, it is important to:

  • Be mindful of interactions among individuals at the event, and be prepared to intervene or get help from venue staff to intervene.
  • Be mindful that many members of the Wikimedia community want privacy of either their real world or digital identities. For example, if individuals ask not to be photographed or their real names used, we need to be mindful of such requests, and take action to enforce them (such as warning photographers at the event about the individuals requesting not to be photographed).
  • If you expect the event to be particularly large, it's best to designate one of the event runners to be primary person responsible for maintaining a safe space.