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Using a Talk pageEdit

Behind every great Wikipedia article are Wikipedians working together to make it great. These Wikipedians coordinate their work through a "Talk page."

Every Wikipedia article has its own Talk page. The Talk page is where conversations about the article take place.

Before you start editing an existing article, take a look at the Talk page. You can get a sense of the discussions that are underway. Talk pages are a good place to introduce your plans to improve that article. Share the books or articles you want to use to improve the article, and ask questions if you have them. Wikipedians with an interest in the topic will often take note and try to help. It's nice to post things in advance of making your edits, but you don't have to wait for "permission" to make a change. Remember: Be bold!

To add a message, click the "New Section" button at the top of the page. Make sure to add your comments to the bottom of the Talk page, and to give your message a title.

Wikipedians assume you'll be reading messages left in your user Talk page and article Talk pages. You can use these pages to leave messages for others, too.

Remember, you have to use WikiCode on the Talk page. There's no VisualEditor option.