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Identifying existing articles for expansionEdit

Focusing on improving the quality of Women scientist content on Wikipedia, WikiProject Women Scientists used both online and offline efforts to improve quality of existing articles about Women scientists and writing new content about Women scientists.

Generally when looking for articles that new contributors can work on within your theme for the event, you are looking for several characteristics:

  • Articles that are short or are missing common sections for articles of that genre. For example, biographies missing significant information on “Early Life and Education” or articles about organizations missing significant information about their history.
  • Articles about concrete topics that don’t require expert interpretation of research to define scope. For example, articles about proper-noun people, buildings, pieces of artwork, or organizations are much easier to write than survey articles about well-studied academic fields or theories with many different interpretations. Topics with a distinct keyword that editors can use in searching for research materials helps significantly (such as a fairly unique name or title).
  • Articles that don't have many footnotes or other references. This indicates that an experienced editor hasn't likely spent significant time developing the article, reducing the potential for conflict or that contributions will be removed.