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Admins and privacyEdit

Most data stored on the Dashboard is public data, including:

  • The details and participant lists in most events
  • Campaigns and the individual events in them
  • Articles assigned to individual users for specific events

By default, Programs & Events Dashboard does not collect the real names or email addresses of users (in contrast to the Wiki Education Dashboard, which does collect these details). However, users can add a real name and email if they visit the onboarding page, and many early users did input their names when they first signed in. (Email addresses from those early users have been removed from the database.) Even if a user has added their real name, it will only be visible to admins or to users participating in the same event. These details should remain private, and admins must not reveal them to others.

Events can also be marked private. When an event is private, only admins or that event's Facilitators may access the event page to see the list of participants and their contribution statistics. Admins must not share information about such private events, which are intended to protect users who might be at risk if their participation is revealed.

Another set of private data comes from the 'Feedback' feature. Now most feedback is directed to the public Dashboard talk page on Meta, but earlier feedback and problem reports were collected by the Dashboard's internal feedback feature. Some feedback on specific features and training modules is still collected this way. However, most of that feedback is not intended to be private. Admins should use their discretion with this feedback data to protect users' privacy.

Admins also have full access to the (so far unused) survey features, including access to all responses. If this survey feature comes into use, admins will need to treat this as highly sensitive private data.

More details about admins and the privacy requirements of Programs & Events Dashboard can be found in the non-disclosure agreement that admins are required to sign.