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Working with underrepresented groups edit

By thematically focusing on the goal of "#satanista" an editathon at the Helsinki University Library Kaisa House in Finland brought together women on International Women's day to write about prominent women.

Many events focus on including underrepresented groups into Wikimedia communities. These underrepresented groups frequently face additional challenges that you will likely need to anticipate. Underrepresented groups may change your event's tactics, for example:

  • If your goal is to encourage working-age women contributors, Art+Feminism has demonstrated that organizing child care and advertising this as part of the event encourages more participation.
  • Working with ethnic, linguistic, or cultural minorities may require making the space a deliberate safe space where they will comfortable and welcomed through targeted communications strategies towards these groups.
  • Working with some groups may require adjusting your tactics or working with local cultural expectations, such as with indigenous communities. For example the Australian Aboriginal people have restrictions on how traditional knowledge is transmitted.
  • Working with senior citizens may require more helpers prepared to support other digital skills, such as using web browsers, digital library collections, and other software or hardware.