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MEDRS quizEdit

Test yourself!
Which of the following is NOT a good source for medical statements on Wikipedia?
  1. literature reviews or systematic reviews found in reputable medical journals (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT. Literature reviews, and systematic reviews, are great sources for Wikipedia content, because they reflect a broad consensus of the current knowledge in the field.
  2. medical guidelines or position statements from nationally or internationally recognized expert bodies (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT.This is a fine source, as long as it reflects consensus in the field.
  3. a study of 1,700 patients published in a reputable medical journal (click to expand or collapse)
    CORRECT! While the science may be good, this is a POOR source for medical articles on Wikipedia, because it's a primary source.
  4. academic and professional books written by experts in the relevant field, from a respected publisher (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT. Academic and professional texts from reliable publishers are great sources for Wikipedia articles.

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