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Data models quizEdit

Test yourself!
If you visit a WikiProject and can't find a data model for an item you should...
  1. start modeling items on your own without sharing that model with anyone (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! Wikidata is a collaborative project. Although we encourage you to be bold and share your expertise, inviting others to participate in the discussion is the best way to approach data models.
  2. give up on the item and find something with an existing model to work on. (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! Don't give up! It may require extra work to create a data model, but the community benefits from them.
  3. use the Discussion page of the WikiProject to propose a data model. (click to expand or collapse)
    CORRECT! Discussion pages of WikiProjects are the ideal place to go to propose a data model. It's always a good idea to involve the community and WikiProjects are subject-themed, so participants will have some knowledge about the models you're proposing.
  4. consult the Wikidata manual, which has a section on official data models. (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! All data models are community-produced, established by consensus, so there is no "official" data model. Either data models are documented on WikiProjects or they are not. There is also no Wikidata least not yet.

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