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Being prepared to welcome editorsEdit

Welcome table at an Art and Feminism edit-a-thon, with lots of materials and handouts to help new editors get started.

After setting up your event space, it is important to welcome participants as they enter the event. Arriving at least 30-40 minutes in advance of your event allows you to set up the space, talk to people as they arrive early and provide them with key information as they enter the door. You may want to consider:

  • Having a sign-up list at the door and someone ensuring that participants have created Wikimedia account. Identifying folks without accounts before the event allows you to help them with that crucial setup step before the event starts.
  • Providing a handout with key venue information (e.g., Wifi access codes), key links for participating in the event (e.g., links to the meetup page or Program and Events Dashboard page) and/or social media information (hashtags, organizer handles, etc).
  • Providing a means of identifying themselves with nametags or table tents.
  • Having a slide or wiki page on the projector with key information.
  • Having food out and directing participant attention to the food.
  • Even if most research materials identified for the event are digital, consider placing a couple of books or magazines out to provide something for participants to browse while taking breaks.

Preparing materials for these steps well in advance will help make welcoming participants easier.