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How do you know when an article has changed, or if other editors have suggestions?

A personal watchlist is an easy way to keep track of all the pages you're involved in. You can use your watchlist to monitor article changes, conversations, and collaborations.

To "Watchlist" any page, make sure you're logged in. Then just click on the star next to the "view history" tab on any Wikipedia page. When it turns blue, it's on your watchlist. See your watchlist by clicking "Watchlist" at the very top of your page when you're logged in.

When you add an article to your watchlist, it also "watches" that article's Talk page. If someone responds to your article edits on the Talk page, it will show up on your watchlist.

You can set your email preferences to receive email whenever pages on your watchlist are changed by clicking the "Preferences" tab at the top of Wikipedia and scrolling down to "email options." Then check the box that reads "Email me when a page or a file on my watchlist is changed."