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Your "sandbox" is a personal wiki page where you can practice editing, plan out articles, draft articles, or just experiment, without impacting the article "mainspace” on Wikipedia — which is what we call "live" articles.

While you may have seen elsewhere that it's a bad idea to copy and paste an entire article into your sandbox, it's perfectly OK to paste a foreign-language Wikipedia article into your sandbox.

However, it's very important that you copy and paste the WikiCode, not just the article.

  • Click "Edit source" at the very top of the article. You'll see the source code.
  • Copy the source code.
  • Paste the source code into your sandbox, and save it.
  • Verify that the original references have carried over to your sandbox version.

If the references don't appear, do the following:

  • Check that the bottom of the page has a "Notes" or "References" section. If not, type: ==Notes==.
  • Check that the Notes section either has the text

or . If not, type:

. This determines where your references will appear on the page.

Adding this back in should auto-generate a list of references you've carried over. However, you can always reference the "Citing your sources" training module.