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Elements of not-so-great articlesEdit

You'll want to read Wikipedia critically to decide for yourself if you trust it. Here's some signs that the article may not be so great:

  • Warning banners. Often these make a statement about the article's reliability, though sometimes it's simply a suggestion for improvement. Make a note and read accordingly.
  • Are there language problems in the lead? For example, a very short lead might indicate that the article was written through staggered contributions, and could use a rewrite to tie it together.
  • Are there value statements, such as "the best" or "the most important"? Those are flags that it's written to persuade, or at least, not properly referenced.
  • Are there references to unnamed sources of information, such as "some people say," or "many believe"? Can you answer the question, "Who said that?"
  • Are there very few references or citations? Are the citations from good, reliable publishers, or are they from questionable websites or publishers with a clear bias?
  • Are some sections longer than others, despite being equally (or less) important? Are relevant sections missing completely?