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Take control of the text!Edit

Now it's time to get started editing! You can navigate to your own sandbox page in another browser window to try it out for yourself.

Here's some basic Wikicode to format your text on Talk pages or the "Edit source" option on articles.

The wiki code for bold text is like this:

'''bold''' = bold

Creating a wikilink (that is, a link to another article on Wikipedia) looks like this:

[[bold]] = bold

On the English Wikipedia, that link to the article Bold will redirect you to w:en:Emphasis (typography). To link to an article with a different name than the text, put a | (a "pipe", inserted with shift + \ on most keyboards) in between the code and the word you want to appear on the page. Like this:

[[boldness|bold]] = bold (with the link to w:en:Boldness)