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On-Wiki communicationsEdit

To include the Wikimedia community and encourage participation from local experienced editors, it's important to build an on-wiki presence for the events. Best practice is:

  • To create an on-wiki event page with the logistics. On English Wikipedia, the meetup listings and instructions can be found at: WP:Meetup on English Wikipedia. On wiki event pages, provide a powerful tool for the event: you can ask experienced editors to sign up for the event, list potential editing topics or list research materials that can be used by participants.
  • Notifying your local affiliate about the event so that they can activate local volunteers. Affiliates are listed at: the movement affiliates page on meta.
  • You may want to run a Geonotice, which places a text message in front of Wikimedia Contributors within a particular geographic region. On English Wikipedia the listing for Geonotices can be found at: Wikipedia:Geonotice