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Compare articlesEdit

The French-language "Thumbelina" article

Here's an example of an article from the French Wikipedia that would make a good candidate for translating into English.

This is an article on Thumbelina the mini-horse, the world's smallest horse, as it appears on the French Wikipedia. It's listed as a "Good Article" equivalent on the French Wikipedia, which is indicated by a star at the top of the page.

By clicking on the gray sidebar, you can see that English is listed. If you click on the English article, you'll see something very different.

A quick glance shows that the French article on Thumbelina the mini-horse is significantly better developed than the English article. Looking closer, you'll see the French article relies on more, and better, sources.

The English-language "Thumbelina (horse)" article

This is a great example of an article you can develop on English Wikipedia through translating the French article.