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A Wiki Loves Women editathon in Nigeria. Editathons can quickly become crowded events with many computers both on the Wi-Fi network and needing plugs. Moreover, some attendees may not be able to bring their own computer.

Technology is the second, and perhaps more important, component of venue planning. When running Wikimedia editing events, people will require computers with internet access, otherwise participation is not possible. Before the event, it's important to ensure that the technology at the venue can support the participants. Early in your planning you should:

  • Identify if the venue has a strong enough WiFi network for supporting your size event, and that WiFi is easily accessible through a simple login process. If the WiFi requires a password, you will need to confirm the password in the weeks leading up to the event and provide participants that information during the event.
  • Identify whether participants need to bring laptops or if computers will be provided. It’s always a good idea to have several extra laptops on hand for participants to use if devices don’t work or if they don’t have personal laptops.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient power outlets for the laptop devices expected to attend. If not, consider getting powerstrips for the event or from the host institution.
  • Ensuring that you have some type of presentation screen (large TV screen or projector), that can be used for live demonstrations.