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Notability (revisited) quizEdit

Test yourself!
What does "Notability" mean on Wikipedia?
  1. The subject is famous. (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! While this may be true, it isn't required for notability. Notability is about the sources that are available about a topic. It isn't a reflection of the topic's fame.
  2. The subject has received significant coverage from reliable sources that are independent of the subject. (click to expand or collapse)
    CORRECT! Notability reflects the quality, availability, and independence of the information you use. You should try to find at least 3-5 good sources to help you establish notability for your subject.
  3. The subject is important, even if it's overlooked. (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! It's not always the case that important subjects are also the focus of a lot of literature. Unfortunately, Wikipedia can only summarize published sources of information. Sometimes that means important figures are left out until more high-quality sources are available.
  4. It's a well-written article. (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! Notability applies the subjects of your articles. It refers to the types of information available about your subject. It's not a reflection of the quality of your article.

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