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How to: Add a citation with WikiCodeEdit

So, you have a solid paragraph drawn from a reliable source. How do you let other editors know where to look to verify your information?

First, if it's a new article, let's look at how to add a References section to the article using WikiCode.

You can access WikiCode through the "Edit source" option on the page.

Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Check that the bottom of the page has a "Notes" or "References" section. If not, type: ==Notes==
  2. Check that the Notes section either has the text

or . If not, type:

. This determines where your references will appear on the page.

  1. Now click after the text you would like to create a reference for.
  2. Now type in the [1] after your reference. Wiki software will automatically add your inline reference number.
    1. tag before your reference and type