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Article title quizEdit

Test yourself!
What's an example of a good title for an article about how families are usually structured in the United States?
  1. Family-Structure-United-States (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! You would only capitalize the first word and proper nouns. You would use blank spaces between words.
  2. A historic view of how family structures in the United States have changed through time (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! It's a bit long, and reads like an essay title.
  3. America's Families: Who Needs Them? (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! This is a persuasive essay, phrased as a question. It's not an appropriate title (or format) for a Wikipedia article.
  4. Family structure in the United States (click to expand or collapse)
    CORRECT! This is simple, to the point, properly capitalized (first word, and proper nouns) and uses spaces between words.

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