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Article title quiz

¡Prueba tú mismo!
What's an example of a good title for an article about how families are usually structured in the United States?
  1. Family-Structure-United-States (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    INCORRECT! You would only capitalize the first word and proper nouns. You would use blank spaces between words.
  2. A historic view of how family structures in the United States have changed through time (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    INCORRECT! It's a bit long, and reads like an essay title.
  3. America's Families: Who Needs Them? (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    INCORRECT! This is a persuasive essay, phrased as a question. It's not an appropriate title (or format) for a Wikipedia article.
  4. Family structure in the United States (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    CORRECT! This is simple, to the point, properly capitalized (first word, and proper nouns) and uses spaces between words.

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