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Other quality evaluation techniquesEdit

There are a few other methods by which you can evaluate the quality of data on Wikidata.

Wikidata has a querying service which you can use to see if items are missing properties, values, or other information.

See what's missing: tools like TABernacle help you easily identify gaps in information by selecting properties to compare in a tabular format (think filling the blanks in a spreadsheet).

There are several other Wikidata games that invite editors to fill in the blanks, enhance descriptions and add non-existent information to items.

  • Mix'n'Match - A game where users match entities from external databases to Wikidata items
  • The Wikidata Game - Landing page for many different Wikidata "games" that prompt editors to add dates, categories, etc.
  • The Distributed Game - Fill in missing information about items such as what images depict, missing birth dates, and items without descriptions
  • Wikishootme - A webapp that alerts editors when they are near Wikidata items without an image. Take a photo, upload directly to Commons, and the particular Wikidata item
  • Terminator - Items are missing labels, descriptions, and articles in many languages. Help change that with this game.

All of these games are open source, complete with links to code and documentation.