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Reading historyEdit

So now you know how to contribute good citations to an article. Let's quickly look at what happens if you come back, and see that someone has made an edit to your page.

You can see how an article has evolved over time by clicking the "View history" link at the top of every article.

When you open the "View History" page, you'll see a list of recent changes to the article, with some comments about what other editors have done.

In this example, on the page for Nellie Bly, you'll see that on July 15, an editor made a change to the "Asylum expose" section of her article. Others left more detailed descriptions. Tom Streissguth added a link to an online collection of Bly's newspaper articles, while CutOffTies removed an unsourced claim. What if you'd like to see what that unsourced claim was?

You can compare histories between articles by clicking on the radio buttons next to each line:

Then select the "compare history" button at the top.