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Partner OrganizationsEdit

A video call between synchronized Wikipedia editathons hosted at Swedish Embassy in New Delhi, India and at the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

For many Wikimedia communities, editathons offer an opportunity to collaborate with local organizations. Editathons can be hosted in partnership with many types of organizations. For example:

  • Libraries: libraries are one of the most common hosts for editathons. Libraries specialize in research, and often can support events and programs which promote research skills, local or specialized knowledge related to their collections, or promoting local community needs.
  • Other GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) and heritage organizations: GLAMs and institutions such as local historical societies frequently support editing events in an effort to share awareness of their particular area or field of interest.
  • Universities and other research organizations: other research organizations can be good allies because they have expertise and a desire to build awareness about expert information across public platforms.
  • Government or non-governmental / nonprofit organizations: various types of government and non-governmental or nonprofit organizations have knowledge that can be shared with the public with projects like Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.

Wikimedia communities all over the world organize events with ever more diverse groups of partners. As an event organizer: make sure to innovate on who you work with, you may find surprising new partners who share your interest in promoting free, public knowledge.